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Competing at the regional and national level unquestionably enhances members' law school experience, provides exceptional networking opportunities, and uniquely affords practical application of academic lessons and skills. Students who wish to hone their written, oral, and negotiating advocacy skills are strongly encouraged to seek membership on our competition teams.

The Advocacy Center programs enjoy recognition for competitive excellence on regional, national, and international levels. Teams from ADR, International Advocacy, Moot Court, and Trial Ad compete in both the fall and spring semesters. In the 2019-20 academic year, Loyola sent 19 teams to 17 competitions and advanced or placed in over half! Click here to read all about our teams' successes!


2020-21 Con Crim Pro Team(Pictured: Hunter Ahia, Jodi Hill, Victoria Pitre)

The Constitutional Criminal Procedure Moot Court team competes each year in the National Criminal Procedure Competition held at the University of San Diego.  The 32nd Annual National Criminal Procedure Tournament was held remotely November 6 through November 8, 202.

Congratulations to our Constitutional Criminal Procedure Moot Court team members, who competed this weekend in the 32nd Annual National Criminal Procedure tournament held virtually. Hunter Ahia and Victoria Pitre exemplified excellent oral advocacy skills in a case involving Miranda warnings. They were coached by third-year law student Jodi Hill and Professor Leslie Shoebotham oversaw their exceptional progress. Great work team!

First Amendment Team

(Pictured: Katelyn McGibney, Mary Claire Kramer, Sarah Beth Hyde and Brooke Hathaway )

The First Amendment team participated in the 20th Annual Leroy R. Hassell Sr. National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition, held on October 8-10, 2020. Due to the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 situation, this year’s competition will be held in an entirely virtual format. 

Congrats to the First Amendment Moot Court Team, who finished in the quarterfinals of their tournament. Led by coach Katelyn McGibney, team members Mary Claire Kramer, Sarah Beth Hyde, and Brooke Hathaway presented outstanding arguments before a seasoned panel of judges in an all virtual format. Great job team!

Special thanks to Prof. Rob Garda, Faculty Advisor and Evan Bergeron, Adjunct Advisor.

2020-21 National Moot Court Team(Pictured: Gabrielle Broders, Alyssa Garcia, Jovian Scafati, Megan Uptegrove)

The National Moot Court Team will competed in the 71st Annual New York City Bar Association National Moot Court Competition. Regionals will be held virtually in November 2020; two teams from each of 14 regional competitions will advance to a four-day final competition at the NY City Bar, February 1, 2021 to February 4, 2021. Congrats to Alyssa Garcia, Jovian Scafati, Megan Uptegrove, and Gabrielle Broders (coach). Special thanks to Professor Monica Wallace, faculty advisor.

2020-21 ABA Moot Court Team

(Pictured: Katherine Ranero, Margo Richard, Megan Uptegrove, Haley Zhu-Butler )

The ABA Moot Court Team will compete remotely in the American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition in the spring of 2021. Good luck to Katherine Ranero, Margo Richard, Haley Zhu-Butler and Megan Uptegrove (coach). Special thanks to Professor Emily Bishop, faculty advisor.

2020-21 Pace Environmental Team(Pictured: Peter Graffeo, Reagan LaPietra, Matt Thompson, Carlos Torres)

The Pace Environmental Moot Court team will compete virtually online in the spring 2021 in the Jeffrey G. Miller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. Three finalist teams will present oral arguments in person at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law on March 6, 2021. Good luck to Regan LaPietra, Matt Thompson, Carlos Torres and Peter Graffeo (coach). Special thanks to Professor Karen Sokol, faculty advisor.

2020-21 Jessup International Team(Pictured: Sarah Brandt, Cate Creed, John O'Banion, Hayden Robert, Conner Roberts, Dominic Wilson)

The Jessup International Moot Court team will compete in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in the spring of 2021. The Global Rounds will be spread over a five-week period beginning in mid-March 2021, with each team competing against opponents from around the world. With more than 600 teams from over 100 countries and jurisdictions, this will be the largest online gathering of international law students in history. Good luck to Sarah Brandt, John O'Banion, Hayden Robert, Conner Roberts, Dominic Wilson and Cate Creed (coach). Special thanks to Professor Nikolaos Davrados, faculty advisor.

2020-21 Admiralty Moot Court Team(Pictured: Ryan Bergeron, Blake Daigle, Arielle Day, Daniel Quinoa-Tercero)

The Admiralty Moot Court Team will compete in the 27th Annual Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition. The Competition will proceed virtually March 24 – 27, 2021. Good luck to Ryan Bergeron, Arielle Day, Daniel Quinoa-Tercero and Blake Daigle (coach). Special thanks to Professor Arthur Crais, faculty advisor.

2020-21 Mardi Gras Invitational

(Pictured: Brianna Cole, Nicholas Moore, Shana Robertson, and Bria Saunders)


The Mardi Gras Invitational Moot Court Team will compete in the 26th Annual Tulane Mardi Gras Invitational Appellate Sports Law Competition which will be held February 2021, in New Orleans, LA. Good luck to Brianna Cole, Nicholas Moore, Shana Robertson and Bria Saunders (coach). Special thanks to Todd Wallace, adjunct advisor.

2020-21 VIS Moot Court Team(Pictured: Adam Carlisle, Delia Gavin, Carly Jonakin, Ryder Rule)

The Willem C. Vis Moot Court Team will compete in the 28th Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition which will be held spring 2020, virtually. Good luck to Adam Carlisle, Delia Gavin, Carly Jonakin, Ryder Rule. Special thanks to Professor Rob Garda, faculty advisor.

2019-20 costello

(Pictured L-R:  Shanice Smith-Banks, Christopher Kerrigan, Katherine Messina, Brandi Cormier)


The Costello Trial Ad team competed Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 2020, in the John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition in Washington, D.C. In a field of 32 teams, they advanced to the FINAL FOUR and won Runner Up Prosecution Team. The team competed against Mercer, Florida State, Georgetown, and Tulane. We are so proud of Shanice Smith-Banks, Katherine Messina, Christopher Kerrigan, and Brandi Cormier (coach). Special thanks to Nick Bergeron, practitioner coach.

2020 All Star Bracket Challenge Team

(Pictured: Camrie Ventry, Richard Kohnke, Daniel Olivier, Forrest Ladd)


Loyola University College of Law is partnering with several others law school bring the 1st Annual National All Star Bracket Challenge

This trial advocacy competition will feature an NCAA-style bracket. Sixty-Four teams from across the country will be placed into four regional brackets to compete online – East, South, Midwest, and West. Each team will face off in four preliminary rounds between October 15-18, 2020. The top four teams from each region will then face off in a single-elimination “Sweet Sixteen” bracket to crown the National Champions October 23-24. Good Luck  Camrie Ventry, Richard Kohnke, Daniel Olivier, and Forrest Ladd. 


The AAJ Trial Ad Team will compete in the American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition to be held March 12-15, 2020, in Birmingham, AL.

2019-20 ADR fall team

(Pictured F-B:  Jennifer Stucker, John Zimmer, Jacob Williams, Grayson Lorey)


The ABA Law Student Division Competition Team competed in the ABA Negotiation Competition held at Tulane University on November 16-17, 2019. The team successfully negotiated two rounds, besting the nationally ranked St. Mary's University! Congratulations to Grayson Lorey, Jacob Williams, Jennifer Stucker, and John Zimmer. Special thanks to Professor Bobby Harges, faculty advisor.

The Tulane Professional Football Negotiation Competition Team will compete January 23-25, 2020, in the Professional Football Negotiation Competition run by Tulane Sports Law Society.

The Tulane Professional Basketball Negotiation Competition Team will compete February 27-28, 2020, in the Third Annual Tulane Pro Basketball Negotiation Competition run by Tulane Sports Law Society.