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Dear Loyola Legal Employers,
Please contact the Career Development Office,, if we can assist you in posting a student or graduate position. 

Loyola is well-known for its expertise in training practice-ready attorneys.  We are glad that you're interested in employing one of our students or alumni.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Thank you for your interest in hiring Loyola University New Orleans College of Law students and/or alumni. You may post your law clerk, internship, attorney, or alternate positions through our online job database, Symplicity. The Symplicity database is accessible by all Loyola College of Law students and alumni and is available to employers at no cost.

There are two ways to post your job on our Symplicity database:

(1) Complete the 

and email it to or fax it to the Career Development Office at (504) 861-5774. We will then post the position for you.

(2) Register as an employer and post a job directly on our Symplicity job posting system.

Here are the steps for submitting your job posting through Symplicity (note:  these instructions are for non-OCI postings):

Open the Symplicity website:

Click “registration” tab and complete the organization contact information.
You will receive a password and a welcome message once the CDO approves the registration.
Log in with your password.
Choose “Create a Non-OCI Posting.”
Complete the online form, including the job description, the application materials you wish to receive (i.e. resume, cover letter, writing sample, transcript and any other documents), the deadline date, and the how you would like to receive applicant materials (Note: If you choose the “accumulate online option,” you can view the applications online at your convenience or request that the CDO send you applications in a Resume Book).
Once the CDO approves your posting, you will be notified by email and the posting will be viewable on the database.
If you have previously posted a job on the Loyola Symplicity Site, you may log in and complete a new job posting under your existing employer account.

The Career Development Office hosts an On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program each Fall and Spring Semester. Participating employers include law firms, corporations, government entities, and judges throughout Louisiana, including metro-New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, and Lake Charles, and in various other states. As part of the OCI Program, employers interview students on or off campus and/or conduct resume collections, generally for summer or post-graduate employment.

If you wish to participate in Loyola’s On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program, please complete the OCI Registration Form and return it to the Career Development Office via email at, via U.S. Mail at 7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 910 New Orleans Louisiana 70118, or fax at 504-861-5774.

If you need assistance at any time with your Symplicity account or posting, please contact the Career Development Office at

Career Services will not condone any employer misconduct, including an employer's failure to abide by Loyola's Non-Discriminatory Policy, and will take all employer misconduct complaints seriously. Employers receive free access to advertise on the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law’s website. This is a privilege and not a right. If it is determined that an employer has acted inappropriately, the employer will lose privileges with the College of Law.

If a student feels an employer has acted inappropriately, he/she may file an oral and/or written complaint with the Director of Career Services.

Oral Complaint: A student is invited to discuss the allegation with the Director of Career Services. The student and the Director of Career Services will decide whether or not the employer should be contacted by the Director. The Director will keep a confidential record of any oral complaint to monitor the types and frequency of issues brought against a specific employer over time.

Written Complaint: If the Director of Career Services concludes that an oral complaint is timely and not insubstantial, and if the student desires to pursue the matter further, the student shall have the option of filing a written complaint. Once a written complaint is filed, the Director of Career Services will investigate the allegations, including contacting the employer and obtaining the employer’s position, and/or clarifying the employer’s practices and policies. The Director of Career Services will retain for a reasonable time a copy of the written complaint, the employer’s response, if any, and any notes compiled during the investigation. These documents will be kept confidential and may be used to monitor the types and frequency of issues brought against a specific employer over time. The Director of Career Services shall file a semi-annual report with the Dean of the College of Law containing all written complaints, the employer’s response, and any notes compiled during the course of the investigation. The Director of Career Services will determine whether dismissal, conciliation, or sanction is the appropriate resolution. Sanctions will take into account the totality of the circumstances, including, but not limited to, the seriousness of the offense, the existence/absence of discriminatory intent, and the employer’s efforts to rectify the wrongdoing. If it has been determined that the employer acted inappropriately, the employer will lose ALL privileges at the College of Law. Information about sanctions imposed against an employer will be made available to students. Upon timely request to the Dean of the College of Law, a student and/or employer may seek review of the Director’s resolution of the complaint.

Informal Hearing: If there is inconsistency in the facts from the complaint, the employer, the Director of Career Services, the Dean of the College of Law, may convene an informal hearing to clarify the parties’ positions or to obtain additional information.



Loyola University New Orleans College of Law has fully supported and fostered the policy of not discriminating on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation in its educational programs, admissions, employment practices, and in the activities it operates. This policy is in compliance with all applicable federal regulations and guidelines. 

Please note that failure by an employer to comply with this policy may result in our referral of such failure to the appropriate University committee, to determine whether such failure is evidence of refusal to comply with Loyola’s Non-Discrimination Policy, to determine whether Loyola facilities and services will continue to be available to your organization, and to determine what other action should be taken by the University.