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Bar Exam Preparation

In April 2013, Loyola created a Bar Preparation and Learning Initiatives Department. The sole focus of the department is to assist all Loyola students and alumni in their preparation for any bar examination. Loyola offers bar preparation courses, lectures, workshops, and individual tutoring for current students and graduates.

For students, Loyola offers both civil and common law sections of the 3.0-hour courses Bar Preparation I (Fall semester) and Bar Preparation II (Spring semester). The Louisiana courses focus on commonly-tested subjects found on the Louisiana Bar Examination. The common law courses focus on the subjects found on the Multistate Bar Examination. Unlike the typical exam schedule for law school classes, these courses frequently test students during the semester, require homework, and require a final exam. Both civil and common law students are tested through essay and multiple choice questions. Students learn substantive law, study tactics, and writing strategies.

In addition, the Bar Preparation Department offers workshops for graduating third-year students on commonly-tested bar exam topics and on test-taking techniques and strategies.

For all of its graduates, Loyola offers civil law and common law supplemental courses, which allow graduates to ask questions about any bar examination and to receive answers from Loyola professors.  The goal of the supplemental courses is to ensure that graduates are not studying for the bar examination in isolation.  Instead, the Loyola community remains connected after graduation such that the graduates may directly contact professors, post questions on Canvas, attend or view Loyola bar examination lectures, and interact with one another.

If you are a student, graduate, or prospective student, please see below for more detailed information regarding the student and graduate courses offered by Loyola. Additionally, please review the pertinent bar exam information for each state.

Contact Us

Suzy Scalise
Director of Bar Preparation & Learning Initiatives
Phone: (504) 861-5483
Office Location: 420

Alysse Arceneaux
Coordinator of Bar Preparation & Learning Initiatives
Phone: (504) 861-5981
Office Location: 402
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Bar Admissions & Application Requirements

The Department of Bar Preparation & Learning Initiatives recommends students review the bar admission requirements in the state they intend to sit regularly.

Bar Admissions Information


Bar Prep I & II - Civil Law

Learn about our one-of-a-kind civil law bar preparation classes, designed to assist third year students pass the Louisiana bar.

Bar Prep I & II - Common Law

Our common law bar prep courses are specifically designed to assist third year students with bar exam preparation in common law states.

Supplemental Bar Exam Preparation

Supplement /