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Housing Assistance & Campus Parking

Help Finding Your New Home

Most law students live off campus in any number of nearby apartments, mansions, carriage houses, shotguns, and camelback homes. The College of Law’s campus is nestled in a quintessential New Orleans neighborhood: a mixture of multi-units, mansions, shops, and restaurants. The best strategy for securing housing is to visit New Orleans in the summer to get acquainted with the city, with the plan to put down a deposit on an apartment.

The Office of Law Admissions will regularly post housing listings to the Housing Facebook group, where students can also connect with potential roommates. During the summer months, the Office of Law Admissions is available to assist incoming students with their housing search.

Students with disabilities  are encouraged to contact the Office for Accessible Education before beginning their housing search.

Where to Park at Loyola Law

As the City of New Orleans has temporarily suspended the requirement to have a residential parking permit, most students and visitors take advantage of street parking adjacent to Loyola College of Law. Student parking is available on Loyola's Main Campus and for evening students on the Broadway Campus. Please review our parking guide to learn more about student parking permits, the complimentary campus shuttle, and parking on the neighborhood streets.