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Academic Success

Learning to succeed.

No two students learn exactly the same way. That is why the Loyola College of Law started its innovative Academic Success Program—to help every student succeed no matter how they learn. This program complements the law school curriculum with presentations, workshops, skills seminars, study groups and one-on-one tutorials all designed to maximize a student’s academic strengths and address any weaknesses with individualized attention.

The Academic Success Program office is located in Room 402 and appointments can be made with any of our experienced professors to assist with brief writing, test taking, issue spotting, essay writing, time and stress management and much more. Your success is our success so we will do anything we can to help you achieve it.


Intensive instruction in legal methodology and analysis through more individualized instruction than generally provided in most law school courses and in coordination with other first year courses, working with problems and issues raised by first year courses (civil procedure, contracts, torts, criminal law, or property). Students will complete numerous written exercises that will provide the basis for evaluating their current performance and prescribing goals and methods of improvement. Enrollment in this course will be capped at 25 students per section to all faculty teaching this course to give the expected intensive feedback on the individual written exercises.

Revisits fundamental principles of legal analysis in a systematic manner, building and consolidating skills needed to master the details of varied areas of law, to analyze the relationship between facts and legal rules, to identify legal issues, and to make persuasive written arguments in support of legal conclusions. Frequent written exercises and in-class examinations will be given.

Focuses on preparation for the Louisiana Bar Examination. This course addresses Louisiana rules of law and analysis frequently tested on the bar. The subjects covered may include, but will not necessarily be limited to, discreet portions of Code III (Security Rights), Louisiana Torts, Constitutional Law, Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure, and Louisiana Business Entities. In addition to a final examination, graded in-class examinations will be given for each subject. All examinations will closely resemble the actual bar examination questions.

Focuses on preparation for the Multistate Bar Examination. This course addresses practice multiple choice questions and practice essay questions on select topics within subjects covered by the Multistate Bar Examination. Subjects covered in the course may include, Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Evidence, Real Property and Torts. In addition to a final examination, graded in-class examinations will be given for each subject. All examinations will closely resemble the actual Multi-state Bar Examination.

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