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Law Library Printing

Step 1: Go to while on Loyola's campus
Step 2: Download the mobility print app.
Step 3: Print as you would in any other scenario and you should be able to see the available printers in the law school.
Step 4: Go to the printer, input your credentials to release the print job
Step 5: Take your papers 


Please note that as of August 1, 2020 only the first 750 imprints each semester are free. Any imprints over 750 will cost .05 per imprint.


If you need to change your Keychain password to assist in loading the printing app please use the below steps:

  • Open the “Keychain Access” App.  It is located in the Utilities folder under “Applications” in the MacOS Finder.  
  • If nothing appears in the window, check the “View” menu; if “Show Keychains” is an option, select it.
  • In the search box at the upper right of the window, type “Secure Print”
  • Secure Print will likely be the only result that appears.  
  • Highlight Secure Print and select “Get Info” from the File menu or by “right clicking”, or “⌘I” using the keyboard.
  • An information box will popup.  
    • The third line will be the account
    • The last line will have a check box for viewing the password; 
      • check the box and enter the administrative password for the computer in the pop-up box
      • The password will appear
  • Both the account name and the password can be manually changed in that box.