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Loyola Law JD-Next Acceptance

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is Louisiana's first and only law school to accept the JD Next. Loyola Law’s J.D. program applicants may submit a JD Next, GRE, or LSAT score. Please review our frequently asked questions below and contact the Office of Law Admissions at or 504-861-5575 for more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

JD-Next is an exciting alternative to the traditional standardized test requirements for law school admission. Created at the University of Arizona in 2019, with support from AccessLex Institute, JD-Next serves as a separate JD admissions exam “designed to measure what you can do versus what you may already know.” According to the program developers, the JD-Next exam aims to reduce admission test score disparities for underrepresented groups by offering a different form of testing for law school admission.  The JD-Next program has two (2) core components: (1) an eight-week academic course that introduces students to fundamental legal analysis skills, and (2) an examination that may be used for law school admission. The course is fully online and offers education that will benefit students in their first-year law classes. At the completion of the course, program members take an online exam that can then be submitted to participating law schools for admission.  The American Bar Association (ABA) allows for the use of JD-Next scores in addition to or instead of the LSAT or GRE. However, individual institutions must determine their additional requirements for this program. Loyola Law is currently the only law school in Louisiana that accepts JD-Next scores and requires an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 or higher to utilize this program.  For more information on the structure and research behind the JD-Next Program, as well as costs and offered timelines, visit the JD-Next official website here. 

The ABA requires law schools to “take a valid and reliable admission test to assist the school and the applicant in assessing the applicant’s capability of satisfactorily completing the school’s program of legal education.” JD-Next has been designed to measure this standard in a similar but alternative manner as traditional standardized tests.  Over a five-year span and with the coordination of experts and more than forty (40) law schools across the United States, the JD-Next exam has proven to be a valid and reliable predictor of law school performance. Instead of the traditional standardized testing structure, JD-Next first teaches fundamental law school skills and thereafter tests an individual’s ability to apply these new skills and critical thinking.  Loyola Law strives to continuously expand access to higher and legal education while promoting diversity in all forms. Based on this philosophy, the Admissions Committee has decided to accept JD-Next exam scores in lieu of the LSAT or GRE, provided the requirements below are met. 

In accordance with ABA guidelines, each law school has the option to set its unique parameters for acceptance of JD-Next exam scores, including minimum GPA scores and other standardized test requirements. At Loyola Law, an applicant may submit a JD-Next score—instead of the LSAT or GRE—if and only if the applicant has an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.  During this initial exam period in 2024, JD-Next scores will be reported directly to schools that the applicant indicates. 

Applicants who intend to apply with a JD-Next exam score must apply for law school admission in the same manner as they would with an LSAT or GRE score. This includes completing an online application and a Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report through the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). When JD-Next scores are released, LSAC will report your score directly to Loyola Law through the online portal.

After you complete the online application, please email the Law Admissions Office at to let us know that you plan to submit a JD-Next score with your application.

For more information regarding application requirements, see the Loyola Law website here

Through initial research, JD-Next has proven to be a viable testing measure for students' potential law school success, similar to the LSAT or GRE exams. The JD-Next Program is designed to expose prospective students to critical legal thinking, law school course materials, and best in-class practices for success during law school and thereafter in practice. With this structure, preliminary data demonstrates that JD-Next is a valid predictor of first year law school grades.  Loyola Law recognizes that an applicant’s test score is only one data point as to a candidate’s likelihood of success in law school and on future bar exams. The Admissions Committee considers prospective student applications in their entirety. 

As with the LSAT and GRE, Loyola Law does not require a minimum JD-Next score in order to be considered for admission to the JD program. Loyola Law also does not prefer one exam over the other. The Admissions Committee weighs each exam equally. If an applicant submits multiple scores, such as JD-Next and the LSAT or GRE, the Admissions Committee will evaluate all scores as part of the application package. If an applicant believes that one exam better reflects their abilities than the other, they may submit an addendum explaining their reasoning.  The Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach in reviewing each application for admission. In addition to the JD-Next, LSAT, or GRE score and undergraduate academic record, the Committee also considers a candidate’s graduate and/or professional school record if applicable; letters of recommendation; personal statement; resume; employment, leadership, and life experiences; extracurricular involvement; community service; military experience; character and fitness statements, if applicable; and, standardized test writing sample, if applicable; and other explanatory or supporting addenda. 

JD-Next, LSAT, and GRE scores are valid for up to five (5) years. 

No. Loyola Law only renders one decision on an application per admission cycle. Applicants may reapply the following year with their new scores.  

Please contact the Office of Law Admissions with questions about applying to Loyola Law at or 504-861-5575. You can also make an appointment to speak with an Admissions Counselor either virtually or by telephone. Evening appointments are available.