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Executive Boards

Three of the Advocacy Center Programs -- ADR, Moot Court, and Trial Ad -- are administered in large part by an Executive Board.  Outgoing Executive Board Members select rising third-year law students based on a holistic application that considers the applicant's participation in, and commitment to, that program's different internal and external advocacy opportunities. Each Executive Board is responsible for maintaining that year's Program budget and provide support to all of the Advocacy Center's events as well as guide and organize teams and conduct all intraschool competitions.

To contact the Executive Board, send an email to or visit the Executive Board Offices in the Advocacy Center located on the first floor of the law library. 

2019-20 ADR Executive Board

(Pictured L-R: Mary Audiffred, John Zimmer, Jennifer Stucker, Jacob Williams)


Chair: Mary Audiffred

Chief of Staff: John Zimmer

Communications Chair: Jenni Stucker

Alumni and Events Chair: Jacob Williams

2019-20 moot court board

(Pictured L-R: Roy Lambert, Lindsey Freihoff, Kristen Landrieu, Kelly Gismondi)


Chair: Kristen Landrieu

Chief of Staff: Roy Lambert

Intramural Chair: Kelly Gismondi

Alumni and Events Chair: Lindsey Freihoff


2019-20 Trial Ad Executive Board

(Pictured L-R: Marshall Fant, Malika Howard, Brandi Cormier, Alexis Stanley)


Chair: Brandi Cormier

Chief of Staff: Marshall Fant

Intramural Chair: Malika Howard

Alumni and Events Chair: Alexis Stanley