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Residency Requirements and Course Loads

Residency Requirements And Course Loads

The curriculum for full-time J.D. students covers a period of six semesters of resident study. Full-time J.D. students will not be permitted to schedule more than 16 hours of law work in any semester without special permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the College of Law. ABA Accreditation Standard 311(c) prohibits students from enrolling in more than 20 percent of the credits needed for graduation in one semester. For Loyola, that maximum is 18 hours. Full-time first-year J.D. students must schedule 15 hours in the first semester and 14 hours in the second semester. The normal time frame for completion of the juris doctor degree is three academic years. Students are forewarned that this is a minimum time frame and the program may not be completed by acceleration in two and one-half years.  Part-time J.D. students are not permitted to complete their degree in fewer than 4 years of part-time study; a part-time J.D. student may complete the degree in fewer than 4 years if the student transfers to the full-time program.

Part-time J.D. students may register for more than 12 hours only with the permission of the Petitions Committee or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. All first-year part-time J.D. students are required to schedule 12 hours in the first semester and 11 in the second semester. Lawyering III must be completed and scheduled during the second year. Anyone who begins in the part-time program must stay with that program through the first year.