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Semester Abroad

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law recognizes the importance of a global legal educaton in the 21st century. To better prepare our students for today’s global legal market place, Loyola offers a semester exchange program with Xiàmén University School of Law, located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiàmén in southern China. By participating in this program, Loyola law school students will be able to study Chinese and international comparative law while enjoying the rich cultural traditions that Xiàmén has to offer. 

Founded in 1926, Xiàmén University School of Law is located in the Fujian Province of China, nestled along the coastline of the picturesque Xiàmén Bay. With Xiàmén University ranked within the top 16 out of over 2,000 colleges and universities in China, the School of Law boasts over 80 full-time instructors, eight teaching and research sections, seven institutes, twelve research centers, three academic journals, and an Academy of International Law.   All courses for Loyola students will be taught in English and no pre-requisite courses are required.

To qualify for study at Xiàmén, a student must complete at least one year of J.D. coursework at Loyola with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, or be within the top 50th percentile.  If a student qualifies for the exchange program, he/she will pay regular tuition and fees to Loyola; the student will be responsible for travel, room and board, books and supplies, visa fees, medical and other insurance, and any fees incurred for special activities or programs outside of classes in China; however, Financial Aid is available. 

Xiàmén University School of Law is located at:

422 South Siming Road
Xiàmén City, Fujian Province, China


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