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United for Early Care and Education Project

United for Early Care and Education delivered, in partnership with the United Way of Southeast Louisiana (and, for part 1 of the program, Agenda for Children) coaching, educational, and legal support to 81 total facilities in 7 parishes, resulting in over $6.5 million of forgiven funds*.  Forgiveness of these funds means that these centers will not have to repay these loans and that this money was instead considered a grant that assisted in keeping the center open and paying employees.  ROI 4,233.33% (based on total United Way SE LA investment with Loyola Law Clinic and the return of funds that are anticipated to be forgiven). *expected; $4.1 accounted for to date.

Program Facts

  • Over 78% of these centers were owned by persons of color;
  • 100% of the centers assisted were owned and/or managed by women;
  • All centers assisted are currently open or only closed temporarily due to Hurricane Ida damage;
  • Centers had 88% student retention from the start of the pandemic until December 2021 with our assistance.
  • 100% of centers assisted accept low-income child care subsidies and/or reduced free lunch programs