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To request help from the Office of Law Marketing and Communications, please submit a project request form.

Each request requires the following information:

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  • Project type: email, social, public relations, design/layout, photography/video, or web
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Official Logos for Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

The Loyola logos are formally registered trademarks of the university. The only permitted colors for any of the Loyola logos are maroon (PMS202), black, or white.

These logos are registered trademarks of the university. They should not be altered in any way, nor should they be recreated with live type.


Download Files

Download Files

Download Files



Unacceptable use of logos

It is extremely important for brand success that the Loyola logos be used and displayed correctly. This includes always using the correct typefaces and the correct relative positioning and size of all elements. The examples below illustrate unacceptable logo displays.

Loyola strongly discourages departments from developing separate identifying graphics outside of official university logos and trademarks. Competing graphics dilute the Loyola brand, while a unified approach to graphics fosters better communication with a strong, consistent institutional identity system.

Loyola logo use


  • Do not attempt to recreate any Loyola logo with live type. Use only official logo files, available above.
  • Do not distort any portion of the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not crop any portion of the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not combine the logotype with any other seal, mark, or graphic elements.
  • Do not separate the “L” from the Loyola logos and use it as a freestanding graphic or mark.
  • Do not separate the Marquette silhouette from the Loyola logos and use it as a freestanding graphic or mark.
  • Do not tilt or rotate the logos, flag, or signatures (An obvious exception to this guideline would be a vertical street pole banner with “LOYOLA” appearing as the primary element in a vertical position by necessity.)
  • Do not add an outline to the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not alter the alignment of any component of the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not alter the relative size of any element in the logos, flag, or signature.
  • Do not alter the typeface(s) or type style (e.g., from all caps to cap/lowercase) of the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not combine the official university seal with the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not stack multiple logos or signatures, such as placing a logo with a department name. (If an official mark for your department, school, or college is not available, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at to have one created.)
  • Do not violate the minimum clear space requirements by attaching type or graphics to the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not add a color background to the logos, flag, or signatures.
  • Do not make the Loyola logos any color other than maroon, black, or white.


For more information about the Loyola Brand click here.

For additional information, please contact Mary Frances Seiter or Remi Poirrier.