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Honor Board

The Loyola University College of Law Honor Board is an elected body of students who serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the College of Law. The Board is charged with investigating alleged Honor Code violations, holding hearings on alleged violations when appropriate, and recommending sanctions to the Dean of the College of Law when it finds that a violation has been committed. The operations and proceedings of the Honor Board are governed by the provisions of the Loyola University College of Law Honor Code.

The Honor Code is a body of rules and standards which governs students' conduct with respect to all academic matters. It defines prohibited conduct, Honor Board proceedings, and sanctions available in the event of an Honor Code violation.

Honor Board Information

All students are required to sign a pledge to be bound by the provisions of the Honor Code as a condition of their enrollment in the College of Law. Please read the honor code below:

Your Rights and Duties Under the Honor Code
Filing a Complaint
Sample Complaint 

2024-2025 Honor Board Members

Chief Justice: Myles Hopkins

Co-Chair: Mary Norsworthy

Secretary: Zoie Spears

3L Rep: Bikhari Reyes  

2L Reps: Margaret Headsworthy, Karum Kaur, Abigail Kilgore

Faculty Advisor: Professor Dane Ciolino