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Fall 2021 Law School Orientation

The faculty and staff of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law are so excited to welcome the incoming class to our community. Despite the challenges of these unprecedented times, we are here to ensure that our students will excel during the upcoming fall semester.

To prepare our incoming 1Ls for law school, a mandatory orientation will be held over three days. It will begin on Tuesday, August 17th at 1:30 pm, and run through August 19. The full schedule of events are listed below. At orientation, students will be introduced to their peers as well as the faculty, staff, and curriculum available at Loyola Law. A roadmap for the first year of law school will be presented. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in withdrawal. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at


Orientation will occur in the following locations:


2021 New Orientation Schedule
*Subject to change




The first day of Orientation (Tuesday, August 17), requires professional attire (Examples here and here). The second and third days of Orientation (Wednesday, August 18 & Thursday, August 19), you may dress in either business casual or casual attire. 

Except when taking your professional photo, you must wear a facemask, covering your nose and mouth, at all times. Because we cannot provide food during orientation, we advise that you eat prior to arriving. 

Check-in and professional photos are by assignment. You must arrive at Greenville Hall by your assigned time; no accommodations will be made. Your check-in time and headshots are assigned by Lawyering I professor. They are as follows:


Lawyering I Professor


Bishop (LAW L715005; 11:00AM-12:15PM Tuesday/Thursday)


Newman-Ruffin (LAW L715006; 11:00AM-12:15PM Tuesday/Thursday)


Gouzoules (LAW L715007; 11:00AM-12:15PM Tuesday/Thursday)


Dawson (LAW L715004; 9:00AM-10:15AM Tuesday/Thursday)


Newman/Ruffin (LAW L715002; 9:00AM-10:15AM Tuesday/Thursday)


Gouzoules (LAW L715003; 9:00AM-10:15AM Tuesday/Thursday)


Bishop (LAW L715001; 9:00AM-10:15AM Tuesday/Thursday)


Pabon (LAW L715008; 11:00AM-12:15PM Tuesday/Thursday)


Shoebotham (LAW L715009; 11AM-12:15 Tuesday/Thursday)


Please remember that your photo may be used in several manners, including professional social media and organizational memberships. We suggest wearing solid, neutral colors. In other words, dress how you would if you were meeting a client or interviewing.


Due to COVID restrictions, there will be two separate groups for the welcome session:





(third floor)

Garda (Contracts I), Davrados (Obligations I), Masters & LL.M students


(fourth floor)

Senn (Contracts I), Sossamon (Obligations I)


We will be breaking students out in to smaller group sessions based on Lawyering I professor. 

Room Lawyering I Professor
111 Bishop (LAW L715005; 11AM T/TH)
112 Newman-Ruffin (LAW L715006; 11AM T/TH)
306 Gouzoules (LAW L715007; 11AM T/TH)
312 Dawson (LAW L715004; 9AM T/TH)
342  Newman-Ruffin (LAW L715002; 9AM T/TH)
343 Gouzoules (LAW L715003; 9AM T/TH)
344 Bishop (LAW L715001; 9AM T/TH)
401 Pabon (LAW L715008; 11AM T/TH)
405 Shoebotham (LAW L715009; 11AM T/TH)


The Orientation Class, DEI Orientation, and Introduction to Administrative Resources sections will be separated in to two groups:





(third floor)

Garda (Contracts I), Davrados (Obligations I), Masters & LL.M students


(fourth floor)

Senn (Contracts I), Sossamon (Obligations I)


  1. Read
  2. Watch
    Case reading and briefing
  3. Read
  4. Watch
    Case Reading Demonstration
  5. Read
  6. Read
  7. Create your own brief for State v. Burney. Bring the case and your brief to class, and be prepared to discuss it.

Please go to the room that corresponds with your Lawyering I professor:

Room Lawyering I Professor
111 Gouzoules (Both 9AM & 11AM)
112 Dawson
306 Shoebotham
312 Pabon
401 Newman-Ruffin (Both 9AM & 11AM)
405 Bishop (Both 9AM & 11AM)


The Thursday, August 19 Orientation Class, Introduction to Civil and Common Law, will be taught via Zoom. You will be divided in to two groups. 


Group Students Presenter
1 Garda (Contracts I), Davrados (Obligations I), Masters & LLM Professor John Lovett
Zoom Link (750652)
2 Senn (Contracts I), Sossamon (Obligations I) Professor Davrados
Zoom Link (467634)


Please complete the assignments listed below.  

  1. Review
  2. Read & brief (bring case and brief to class, and be prepared to discuss it)
  3. Read & brief (bring case and brief to class, and be prepared to discuss it)

The Thursday, August 19 Lawyering I classes will be taught via zoom:

Professor Bishop (Passcode 836279)
Professor Dawson (Passcode 466490)
Professor Gouzoules (Passcode 398687)
Professor Newman-Ruffin (Passcode 021685)
Professor Pabon (Passcode 118328)
Professor Shoebotham (Passcode 508358)


Permit  Parking (West Garage)
Student parking is available at the West Garage on Loyola's Main Campus. The Main Campus is approximately five blocks east of the Law School. College of Law students may purchase one- and two-semester parking permits. Students must obtain a virtual parking pass through Loyola's Single Sign On platform. 


Street Parking
Most students and visitors take advantage of street parking adjacent to Loyola College of Law. 

The City of New Orleans has temporarily suspended the requirement to have a residential parking permit (RPP) to park for time periods more than two hours in the limited area described on this page. In that limited area, only the two hour rule is suspended. Red denotes current RPP suspension area (permitted to park for more than two hours). Blue on St. Charles Avenue denotes suspension of RPP on the southern side (riverside) only. Blue on Broadway Street denotes suspension of RPP on the northern side (lake side) only.

Parking Map Suspended Restrictions


Common Parking Violations
If you will be parking by the College of Law, please read this list of common parking violations