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About the Children's Rights Clinic Section

Students represent the rights of children in cases such as: intra-family and private adoptions, avowal and disavowal of paternity, attorney for the child in highly contested custody cases, limited interdictions, and continuing tutorship. The students also represent unaccompanied minors from countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador in Special Immigrant Juvenile proceedings. Students work closely together with the immigration section to obtain optimal results for our clients. Students also work with the Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative to offer legal services to incarcerated or recently released persons in Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes to resolve legal issues for these participants including traffic, custody, misdemeanor attachments, divorce, and child support in an effort to help them successfully reenter the community. 

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Section Success

The student practitioners in the Children's Rights section continue advocate for the minor child in a paternity action that began in 2017. The case is now going before the Louisiana Supreme Court for the second time. This time, Loyola Law Clinic will be preparing an amicus brief on behalf of our child. In addition to preparing the brief, the clinic is taking an alternative road to advocacy in this case as well. The students have researched the legislative history behind the problematic statute at the heart of this case and proposed a revision to this article. The students are preparing to present their legislative revision to the Marriage and Persons Committee of the Louisiana Law Institute.

Supervised by Professor Ramona Fernandez

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News Coverage

Professor Fernandez and Tobie Tranchina, staff attorney for the Children's Rights section, were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with Governor John Bel Edwards to discuss the Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative. The Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic & Center For Social Justice partners with United Way of Southeast Louisiana, Catholic Charities, and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services to provide legal services to formerly incarcerated individuals, removing legal barriers as they reenter society.