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About the Family Law Clinic Section

Students in the family law practice section represent clients by court appointment (children, absent defendants, and interdicts in interdiction cases). The student practitioners also represent indigent persons (mothers, fathers, grandparents) in custody, divorce, child support, and paternity cases. Students interview clients, conduct fact investigation, discovery, and legal research, prepare and file pleadings in court, develop a theory of their case, and prepare memorandums. The students make court appearances and participate in settlement conferences with opposing attorneys. Most students make several court appearances to argue their cases at hearings and trials in Orleans and Jefferson Parish Courts.

Family Law Section

Section Success

Family Law Student Practitioners Kevin Michot and Aspen Murphy successfully represented their client in a grandparent visitation case that has been going on since 2014. Louisiana Revised Stature 9:344 provides for grandparent visitation rights if one of the parties to a marriage dies and there is a minor child of such marriage. The Court determines if such visitation rights would be in the best interest of the child.

Supervised by Professor Cheryl Buchert

Section Snapshots

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