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About the Workplace Justice Clinic

The Workplace Justice Project (WJP) was created in December 2005 to provide legal services to low-wage workers who came to New Orleans in the post-Hurricane Katrina clearing and rebuilding efforts and who were not being paid their earned wages. For more information on the history and mission of the Workplace Justice Project, please visit this site.

Student Practitioners in the Workplace Justice Clinic are critical to the work of the WJP: They endeavor to educate workers about their rights and the legal process, litigate their claims in order to hold employers accountable and advocate for changes and modifications in the law, where appropriate, so that workers’ workplace conditions are respected and wages are valued, protected and recovered in the least expensive, most efficient way possible. In this context, Student Practitioners have the opportunity to represent clients from initial interview and counsel to final resolution by negotiation, trial or appeal, in varied causes of action in or related to labor and employment law; these include, but are not limited to state remedies for non-payment of wages, state construction labor liens, state obligations law, Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, American with Disabilities Act, 42 USC §1981, Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986-Anti-Discrimination Provisions, Section 7-concerted activity under the National Labor Relations Act, workers as creditors in Bankruptcy Court and state and federal procedural law. 

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Section Success

Beginning at the height of the pandemic, the Workplace Justice Project helped area residents to cope with workforce impacts caused by COVID-19.  The WJP remained open and active, accessible to eligible clients through its intake telephone line and through a new bilingual Google Intake Form. The WJP posted critical information related to employment issues, including a listing of employers with coronavirus-related openings, on its website and Facebook page as it became available. The WJP also coordinated resource-related information with the Music & Culture Coalition of New Orleans and Step Up Louisiana by creating an easy-to-understand flowchart for the benefit of workers and working families. Read more here.

Supervised by Professor Luz M. Molina

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