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Student Organization Policies

Student Org Policies

Event Planning

For Fall, events are primarily virtual. The University has published an addendum to the Student Code of Conduct concerning COVID that includes guidelines for student orgs.  Law school orgs do not need approval from the University Student Life and Ministry department.  The law org approval process runs through faculty advisors and the College of Law Dean’s office. 

Student Org Fair

The Fall student org fair will be held via ZOOM in early September. 

On-Line Events

All student orgs should have requested and received a Loyola email account with a ZOOM account.  Student org presidents have received a google doc from Dean Finger for Fall semester planning.  Typically, we ask that student orgs host no more than 3 events in the Fall.  Student orgs often begin the year by hosting a meeting for interested students.

Fall Events and Food

Under Fall public health guidelines, there is no shared food at events/meetings.  The SBA will schedule grab-and-go food at open blocks for law students throughout the Fall semester.

Publicizing Org Events

The SBA will run a weekly newsletter.  There is a CANVAS page with campus-wide student access.  There will be weekly deadlines for publicizing on both. To post on the electronic boards throughout campus, e-mail Mary Francis Seiter,, (at least a week prior to the event) with a PowerPoint slide or a JPEG no larger than 1920 X 1080 pixels, preferably landscape oriented.  Please do not use hard copy flyers. 

Donations/Charitable Events

Please contact Ms. Shelly if your student org would like to collect funds for a charitable event.  Ms. Shelly will arrange for a storefront on your org page for electronic donations.  Donations to student orgs/Loyola should not be made into students’ personal accounts. 

Student Org Support

Student orgs are funded from a common pool of funds.  These funds support student life.  These funds are not utilized to purchase individualized items for student orgs (shirts, office supplies etc.).  Loyola does not ask student orgs to do fundraising to support their own org.

Conference Travel

Due to COVID-19, there is no conference travel for the Fall/Spring semesters nor are events off-campus permitted.  

Membership Dues

Loyola does not require that orgs utilize any dues system.  The College of Law encourages all orgs to be open to students without cost.  If your org is connected to a national organization with required dues, contact Ms. Shelly before collecting any funds for assistance.


Loyola does not cover the cost for student org t-shirts.  Student orgs may choose to purchase and pay for t-shirts. Student orgs may also receive donated t-shirts; if the donor has any questions, please contact Ms. Shelly.  Whether purchased or donated, share the design with your faculty advisor for approval and then share the design/confirmation of advisor approval with Dean Finger.  Ms. Shelly can then assist with ordering. To facilitate the order, please provide: t-shirt color, quantity, sizes, and design (specify if the design is for the front or back). 

New Orgs

Please review the student org website to see what orgs are active.  If you wish to start a new org, you will need a faculty advisor and you can contact Dean Finger for more information.