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Pre-Recorded Online Skills Courses

The Office of Skills and Experiential Learning (OSEL) offers select pre-recorded online skills courses for for those students in their final semester who have not yet fulfilled their graduation skills requirement and are unable to attend scheduled live courses. Please note, students may receive credit for a maximum of three skills credits from the viewing of online courses. Skills credits from pre-recorded online courses should be used as a last resort for students whose schedule does not allow them to attend a needed live course due to the advantages of being able to participate and engage in simulation exercises in a live course. 

In order to receive credit, students must contact Prof. Linares at to request permission to take a particular online course(s). Once approved, the student will receive instructions for accessing the online video(s) and any accompanying materials. After watching the video, the student must submit a signed Online Viewing Certification Form and the required 400-word reflection paper to Prof. Linares via email. Available online courses are listed below.

SKR1-21122: Active Listening

SKR1-20621: Interviewing Children

SKR1-SOCJ-101020: Social Justice Client Interviewing

SKR1-CIV-102921: Client Interviewing in Civil Practice


SKR2-91721: Negotiation & Mediation Skills

SKR2-2422: Negotiation Skills

SKR2-CRIM-032620: Plea Bargaining

SKR3-0126: Culturally Competent Lawyering

SKR3-SOCJ-91120: Racial Justice Advocacy

SKR3-31822-Representing People with Disabilities

SKR3-SOCJ-91021: Incorporating Social Work into Legal Practice

SKR3-090619: Immigration Advocacy for Unaccompanied Minors

SKR3-SOCJ-02202218: Advocacy for Transgender Clients 



SKR4-110521: Law Office Practice

SKR4-32522: Setting Up your Solo Practice

SKR4-31921: Professionalism in Practice


LSKL-GEN-1103: Workers' Compensation Skills 

LSKL-SKR3-0318: Representing People with Disabilities

LSKL-GEN-0128 Depositions of Medical Experts

SKL-40519: Tax Research