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LAW Courses for Skills Credit

Students earn skills credit upon successfully completing any of the LAW courses listed below (subject to a maximum of 4 skills credits from LAW courses). All courses approved for experiential credits (except for L765 Lawyering II) confer skills credit. For all other LAW courses approved for skills credit, only the sections taught during the listed semesters and by the listed professors confer skills credit once the professor confirms that the student successfully completed the course's skills component. If no semester or professor is designated for a listed course, all sections of the course confer skills credit. Each course earns a single, general skills credit unless otherwise noted.*  

*Note: Successful completion of L817 Mediation & Arbitration or L895 Divorce & Family Mediation satisfies required skills competency (2) Negotiation.  One semester of any L897 Clinic Seminar earns 3 skills credits and satisfies required skills competencies (1) Client Interviewing; (3) Cultural competence and Interpersonal Skills and (4) Law Office Management/Professionalism.  A second semester of clinic earns an additional 3 skills credits (2 general skills credits and one credit satisfying skills competency requirement SKR: Negotiation).

Please consult the Loyola Law Bulletin for the most up-to-date listing of courses approved for experiential credit.

LAW L817 Mediation and Arbitration 
LAW L833 Street Law 
LAW L851 Litigation and Law Practice Management 
LAW L843 Contract Drafting
LAW L861 Pretrial Litigation 
LAW L867 Business Planning 
LAW L879 Admiralty Law Seminar (when taught as Practice and Procedure) 
LAW L880 Entrepreneurship 
LAW L885 Gender Law in Practice 
LAW L895 Divorce and Family Mediation;
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: Contract Drafting;
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: Advanced Appellate Advocacy;
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: Negotiating Real Estate Leases;
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: DWI Practice & Procedure;
LAW L896 Professional Seminar: Advanced Trial Advocacy;
LAW L897 Clinical Seminar- Live Client Clinic
LAW L900 Academic Externship
LAW L905 Advanced Legal Writing
LAW L906 Advanced Legal Research
LAW L924 Human Rights Advocacy Project
LAW L928 International Dispute Resolution
LAW L933 Asylum and Refugee Law
LAW L961 Trial Advocacy
LAW L976 Environmental Law and Policy Lab
LAW L977 Environmental Litigation: Theory and Practice 

Course Number Course Title Professor/Semester
L823 First Amendment Medina
L832 Immigration & Citizenship Law Medina
L836 Real Estate Transactions Crusto
L861 Trial Practice Seminar Lecesne
L877 Con Law Seminar: Incarceration Armstrong
L878 International Law Woods (through Spring 2018)
L886 Environmental Law Sem: Advocacy Project Cufone
L896 Professionalism Seminar: Basic Trans Drafting Lennox
L896 Diversity in the Legal Profession Pabon
LCIV-L707 Civil Law Property II  Davrados/Lovett (Fall 2016 - Fall 2020) (No skills component was included in Fall 2021; No skills credit will be conferred moving forward with the new combined Civil Law Property course)
LCIV-L715 Civil Law Successions Wallace (Fall 2016 - present);Varnado (Spring 2018 - present, Does not include when taught as online course); Davrados (Fall 2018 - Present)
LCIV-L900 Civil Law of Persons Davrados (Summer 2016 - Present); Wallace; Varnado (Spring 2015 - present)
LCIV-L920 Civil Law Donations and Trust Wallace; Varnado (Spring 2018  - present; Does not include when taught as online course)
LCOML-705 Common Law Property I Crusto (Spring 2019 - Present)
LCOML-715 Trusts & Estates Crusto (Fall 2018 - Present)