Welcome from the Dean

College of Law Dean Maria Lopez

María Pabón López, Dean
Loyola University New Orleans
College of Law

If you are reading this, you are seriously considering applying to enter a law school. The decision to attend law school is important and should not be made without considerable thought. There are a number of factors you should take into account. You should peruse the curriculum and, apart from the standard course offerings, see what else is offered that will provide you with the best legal education possible, in an institution dedicated to this end. You should examine the areas of specialty and see how they fit with your future career goals. You should see what the institution says about itself and read its mission statement. Look at the map and see its geographical location. You should try to follow the career paths of the school’s alumni, and measure their success.

At Loyola University New Orleans, we are confident that these simple tests will yield a positive result. We have a very distinguished faculty, dedicated to the advancement of legal education and legal scholarship; all this is provided in an environment conducive to successful study. We offer an extremely broad common law curriculum with a civil law option as a prerequisite for legal practice in Louisiana. At the same time, we offer an evening program for qualified students who are unable to attend classes during the day.

Our pursuit of excellence is highlighted by our success in national and international moot court competitions, and our dedication to public service is demonstrated by our clinical and poverty law programs, rated among the nation’s best. One of the most extensive overseas study programs in the United States provides students with the opportunity to broaden their education into all areas of international law.

Loyola alumni have been successful in every facet of legal practice throughout the country, and New Orleans is a uniquely interesting city. I look forward to welcoming you to Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

María Pabón López
Dean and Judge Adrian G. Duplantier Distinguished Professor of Law 



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