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Fall 2019 Events

Schedule a Class Visit

Come and Get S.E.T. at Loyola College of Law. What does it mean to get SET? This is not just your ordinary class visit. By registering for this event you will have the opportunity to:

S - Sit in on a first-year class
E - Eat lunch with current Loyola Law students
T - Take a tour of our beautiful Uptown campus


Arrange a Student-lead Tour

Please contact the Office of Law Admission at (504) 861-5575 if you are interested in touring the campus. 


Visit Us on the Road

Loyola College of Law admission officers are hitting the road and we want to meet you! Please check out our calendar to see when we are near you. 



Office of Law Admissions
7214 St. Charles Ave., Box 904
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (504) 861-5575
Fax: (504) 861-5772