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Rodstrum Rare Books Room

The Robert F. and Janice A. Rodstrum Rare Books Room at the Loyola Law Library is a unique collection of legal treatises, encyclopedias and religious materials available in the College of Law Library. Emphasized in the collection are texts from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Particular strengths lie in an extensive civil law collection of French legal treatises dating back to 1750. 

In addition to scholarly research opportunities the Rodstrum Rare Books Room also acts as a green room for visiting lecturers who come to Loyola New Orleans for events such as the Morris Bart Lecture Series and the Judge Robert A. Ainsworth, Jr. Memorial Lecture.

Adorning the room is a distinctive suite of prints by Salvador Dali titled “The Twelve tribes of Israel,” that commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Israel in 1973. The suite of 13 prints is a generous gift from Moise Steeg, Jr., a philanthropist, lifelong civic activist, and lawyer. In our display cabinets is a collection of books illustrating numerous legal systems from around the world.