Student Code of Conduct and Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy

Loyola University's Student Code of Conduct, which applies to all students, including law students, clarifies standards of behavior essential to the University's education mission and community life. This information can be found at the Student Handbook webpage. The link to this information is under the Student Code of Conduct section. Any law student who has questions or concerns regarding the conduct of other students is encouraged to contact Associate Dean Davida Finger or (504) 861-5596.

Additionally, Loyola University's Sexual Harassment Policy, which applies to the entire Loyola student community, can be found in Section 5 of the Student Code of Conduct.  For detailed information about how to report sexual misconduct, please visit the Loyola Title IX resource page. Again any student who has questions or concerns about these policies is encouraged to contact Dean Finger.

The University posts sexual harassment policy and educational materials on the Office of General Counsel website, specifically under the compliance section.