Student Central

Welcome to Student Central, which is a centralized location of resources to better serve our current student body in navigating the website.  If you have any additional resources that you feel should be shared with the students, please contact the Student Affairs Coordinator, Marla Bennett, or 504-861-5761.  Additionally, anyone in the law community who wants to share concerns or suggestions, or who wants to bring to our attention a problem he or she may have, can do so by emailing  Emails sent will get a response.  Please know how much we appreciate hearing from members of the law community about suggestions or problems, as we want to ensure the College of Law remains responsive to concerns.


  • Academic Success
    Complements the law school curriculum to assist students in attaining academic success.
  • Bar Exam Preparation
    Helps students to succeed on bar exams through targeted workshops.
  • Honor Board
    Investigates alleged Honor Code violations.
  • International and Comparative Programs
    Foreign studies and programs offered to students to study and develop expertise in the growing field of international law.
  • Law Bulletin
    Compilation of academic regulations and policies
  • Law Records
    Class & Exam Schedules, Ranks, Exam4, Bar Exams, Graduation
  • Skills
    Practicing attorneys and judges teach the courses, which are designed to present you with an experienced legal worldview and provide you with the tools and skills to practice law as skilled advocates and sensitive counselors at law.


  • Blackboard
    Course Materials, Syllabi, Chat Boards 
  • Career Services
    Interviewing Programs, Resume Assistance 
  • Clinic
    Open to 3L's for obtaining experience in the courtroom and beyond.
  • Law Library
    Online Resources, Reference Desk, Computer Lab 
  • LORA
    Class Schedule, Syllabi, Registration, Grades + Advisor Information 
  • Report a Building + Computer Problem
  • Res Ipsa Loquitur
    An electronic newsletter called "Res Ipsa Loquitur" is sent each week in an effort to reduce the number of emails received by students. By consolidating in one place and at one time the majority of emails sent to students regarding upcoming law school events, etc., the end result is a more organized and thoughtful presentation of information.

    The e-newsletter is an effective and reliable tool for messaging. Please look for the e-newsletter every Monday during fall and spring semester. Also, at the request of students, copies of the newsletter will be printed and placed in the Student Lounge, LS 115.

  • Scholarships + Financial Aid
    Loans, FAFSA + Deadlines 

  • Student Affairs
    Bar Exam Information, Commencement Information, Counseling, Disability Services, Sexual Harrassment Policy, Student Code of Conduct


  • Student Bar Association
    Provides a closer unity among all students and fosters mutual coooperation and understanding.  
  • Trial Advocacy
    Prepares students for the practical aspects of trial work, including a mock trial competition.



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