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Student Ambassador-Richard Lamb


Richard Lamb
Louisiana State University
Division – Civil Law

Questions + Answers

Q. What is your best advice for a student deciding where to attend law school?

Go to the school and get a feel for it. Attend a class, meet some current students and professors, talk to a Student Ambassador.

Q. Why did you choose Loyola University New Orleans College of Law over other schools to which you were admitted?

On an academic level it was a great opportunity for me. Loyola has a strong Tax Law program and I am currently a candidate for a Certificate in Taxation Law. On a personal level it was where I felt the most comfortable and I really enjoy living in New Orleans.

Q. How would you describe the environment at the College of Law?

It is a friendly environment but doesn’t compromise the seriousness that is expected at a professional school.

Q. How important is it to visit schools and why?

It is important because you don’t want to wait until your first day of classes to get a feel for the school.

Q. What three things do you wish you knew before you started your 1L year that would have been helpful?

Sleep more, exercise more, and procrastinate less.

Q. What are your legal areas of interest?

Tax Law, Business Law

Q. What legal employment and intern/externships did you take part in while law school? 

I will be interning for Judge Hans Liljeberg in the 24th Judicial District Court (Jefferson Parish) for the first half of the summer, and I will be clerking for Wiener, Weiss & Madison in Shreveport, Louisiana for the second half of the summer. I have applied for an externship with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the fall and spring.

Q. Did you participate in any clubs or organizations while in the law school?

Tax Law Society, VITA, Federalist Society, Student Ambassadors

Q. What was your favorite part of law school?

Learning so much about so many different things.

Q. What was your best memory as a law student?

Getting called on in my very first class my first year.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not studying?

Working out, reading, hanging out with friends

Q. What class at the College of Law would you consider to be most beneficial for you so far and why?

Legal Research and Writing

Q. Which professor at the College of Law has had the largest impact on you and why?

Professor Szalai, he teaches Civil Procedure and The Legal Profession. He is very passionate about both subjects and I always enjoy when he talks about his experiences as a lawyer. Professor Gruning has also been great. He forces you to think outside of the box.

Q. What are your plans once you graduate from law school?

I am going to get an LL.M. in Taxation.

Q. How has Loyola prepared you for your pending legal career?

Loyola was recently named one of the top places to study Tax Law. There are many tax law classes to take, more than most other law schools. Recently, the former Director of Revenue for the State of Missouri came to my State and Local Taxation class and told us how rare it is to have a State and Local Tax class and to have such an experienced and well-known professor (Calhoun).

Q. What is your favorite restaurant in New Orleans?

Commander’s Palace

Q. What would you say makes New Orleans a unique city in which to live/study law?

There is no other city like New Orleans. It seems that everyone can find his or her niche in this town. There are a number of idiosyncrasies that make New Orleans such a unique place. The amount of legal opportunities in both the public and private sector make it advantageous for law students.

Q. What is your favorite community event held in New Orleans?

Mardi Gras is always fun, but one of my favorite events is White Linen Night. Also, New Orleans is a great place to be during the holidays.