Street Law

About the course

The Street Law course is designed for law students who are interested in teaching inner-city middle school and high school students about law-related issues.  Students attend the local public school classrooms twice a week to discuss legal rights, responsibilities and practical legal problems.  

Street Law is a 3 credit course. Each student is expected to put in approximately 12 hours a week on the course. There is a weekly classroom component at Loyola Law School from 11­-12:15 on Fridays. Students will teach in teams of two. Each team is responsible for finding their teaching opportunity in cooperation with Ramona Fernandez. Each student must turn in a weekly journal containing written lesson plans, a description of the classes taught, and a reflection on what was learned during the week.

Street Law has two tracks – one for School Street Law and one for Community Street Law. Both tracks cover criminal, torts, consumer and housing, family and individual rights law. School Street Law is taught in the day in middle and high schools in the metropolitan areas. Community Street Law is be taught either in the day or evening in various community settings including shelters, adult learning centers, public housing developments, churches and correctional facilities.

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