Steps for Electronic Refunds

e-Refunds are Now Available!

To have your tuition refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account, you must setup your e-Refund Profile and then complete the Online Refund Request Form.

e-Refund Profile Setup Instructions

  • Log in to LORA
  • Under the Tuition and Billing section,
  • Select Account Summary / Pay Tuition / Request Refund
  • Click on the Pay Tuition Online / View e-Bills / Add Authorized Users / Create e-Refund Profile
  • You will be re-directed to the e-Commerce system
  • Under the Quick View section, select Create a Refund Profile tab
  • Select Payment Profile
  • Select Electronic Check under Add a Payment Method
  • Insert checking or savings bank account information
  • Select Refund Option
  • Save settings
  • Click the "I Agree" box to accept the agreement with Loyola University New Orleans
  • Confirmation appears that your ACH payment method has been saved to your account for future ACH payments and refunds. (The green check mark under Use for Refunds confirms that all refunds will be deposited to this account.)

Please Note: e-Refunds can only be processed to the student and only if the student has a checking or savings account stored within the e-Commerce system. No parent or 3rd party refunds are allowed through the e-Refund process.

Don’t forget to complete the Online Refund Request Form if you have excess funds on your tuition account!!

Instructional Video