The Office of Skills and Experiential Learning

Congratulations to all law students who are in the process of finishing their Fall semester.  The Office of Skills and Experiential Learning wishes everyone good luck on exams.  

Over the break, our office is excited to offer skills courses in December for those who want to take advantage of the opportunities over the break. We also look forward to hosting the 1L Professionalism Convocation ceremony on January 6th.   


OSEL was created in 2011 as part of a larger initiative to modernize and expand opportunities for students to learn essential lawyering skills.  We are extremely proud of our longstanding history of skills courses taught by dedicated practitioners willing to instruct, coach, guide, advise and mentor.  All students must complete eight skills courses before graduation, however, OSEL encourages students to take more.  Did we mention the courses are free and also do not impact your GPA?  Did we also mention some courses are designed as practicums, where students are able to practice a certain skill? Learn about our "Forward Friday" series to help advance your career. 


Students should first review the Local Rules pertaining to Skill Courses to understand how to register and the expected conduct. Next, see the Skills Calendar for information about each course.  Last, enroll via Blackboard,  sign the official registration sheet and have fun! 


Another important responsibility of OSEL is overseeing externships which provide incredible opportunities to learn in context.  Students are mentored by a professor and field placement supervisor to guide through the rigor and expectations of practice.  Students must apply for an externship by specific deadlines. Do not miss the opportunity! Although, we cannot guarantee a placement for all students, we encourage all to apply. 

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