September Skills Courses

SKL-090415: Advanced Bluebooking

Friday, September 4th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 405)

This course is open to everyone who struggles with citation. This is an important course for anyone about to complete the writing requirement or thinking about publishing. Although all law review and journal members are required to attend, we encourage anyone who is interested in publishing while in school to attend this skills class.

To give context to the course, we ask students to download a citation exercise provided on the skills webpage, complete and bring to class with you.  Father Moore will then guide students through the correct answers and also review common mistakes, such as, rules for italics, footnotes, spacing, contractions, and citation to statutes and cases.  Bring your Bluebook to class! During a portion of the class journal editors will walk students through the Bluebook and all attendees will receive tabs to mark important sections and rules.

The last portion of the class, students on journal will break into their respective groups and review certain stylistic rules for that journal. This class offers an exciting opportunity for all Loyola students to attend any of the journal sessions and learn about sub & cite practices. Do not miss this opportunity to feel more confident about citation while learning about the important contribution journals provide to our profession. 


Storyboarding and Delivery: Create and Deliver Your Best Courtroom and Conference Room Presentation

Saturday, September 5th at Loyola College of Law

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This is a CLE course offered for local area attorneys. Graciously, the CLE office has allowed students to attend this event as an opportunity to earn skill credit. We ask all students to respect the professional setting of CLE courses and come dressed in business casual attire. Please do not enroll in this course unless you are sure you are able to attend.


SKL-09081015: Maritime Primer

Tuesday and Thursday, September 8th and 10th (12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m) (LS - 111)

Please attend both days to receive credit for this course. Louisiana and the Gulf South are the most active jurisdictions for maritime practice. This class will cover basic concepts of what is the traditional test for maritime tort and contract jurisdiction, what is the distinction between jurisdiction and applicable law, what are navigable waters of the United States, the basic concepts of Jones Act Seaman status, who is a Longshore Harbor Worker and other very basic concepts of maritime law.  Students will walk away with a broad understanding of maritime law which will assist with subsequent skill courses that address drafting a maritime complaint, answering the maritime complaint, propounding discovery and conducting a factual investigation of a maritime accident in rem jurisdiction and arrest and seizure of a vessel, and limitation of liability. Attend this first class that is part of a larger series of skills courses.


SKL-091115: Conducting Tax Research

Friday, September 11th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 111)

This course covers basic tax research skills.  Included in this course is instruction regarding accessing and evaluating the primary and secondary sources of tax law, including the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, case law, and other relevant authorities.  The emphasis of this course will be on electronic research, and will involve discussions and examples of several research tools.  Presentations will be made by representatives from LexisNexis, Bloomberg Law, and Checkpoint Catalyst, regarding the tax resources provided by each.


SKL-CRIM-091115: Anatomy of the Criminal Case

Friday, September 11th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 112)

This course is dedicated to the practical aspects of handling a criminal case, specifically Arrest, Bail, and Preliminary Hearings; Motions and Discovery; Jury Selection and Trial Considerations. The practitioner will take you through each aspect of a criminal case and provide specific practice tips. This is a great class to take for anyone interested in criminal practice both defense and prosecution. If you have any interest in criminal law, do not miss this opportunity to learn the practical aspects of criminal law. 


SKL-TRAN-091815: Mergers & Acquisitions

Friday, September 18th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 111)

This course will cover drafting corporate documents, real estate closings and the basics of mergers and acquisitions. We encourage students to attend in order to learn the basics of drafting because you never know when you may need this skill in practice. Students particularly interested in transactional drafting should absolutely make time for this course in order to learn from two experienced lawyers skilled in contract drafting. 


2015 Legislative Update

Saturday, September 19th at Loyola College of Law

Please email Natasha Lacoste at to register.

This is a CLE course offered for local area attorneys. Graciously, the CLE office has allowed students to attend this event as an opportunity to earn skill credit. We ask all students to respect the professional setting of CLE courses and come dressed in business casual attire. Please do not enroll in this course unless you are sure you are able to attend.


SKL-092115: Active Listening 

Monday, September 21st (4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m) (LS - 111)

This is a skills class offered in conjunction with the Independent Police Monitor's office fostering police mediation training in our community.  This course is designed to teach students the art of active listening in a very inactive format. Some believe that feelings are irrelevant to a legal interview and should be avoided so lawyers can function as they "should" in a "rational and objective manner."  How people react emotionally to situations and to proposed solutions strongly influence the nature and amount of information they provide to us and the decisions they make. Active listening requires that an attorney listen carefully to a client’s story and respond in a way that makes the client feel that they have been heard and understood. This highly interactive class will help you learn new reflective, attentive, clarifying, and active listening skills, match and name the intensity of the feelings expressed by clients, identify and name the values that your clients express, make your clients feel most fully heard and understood, and increase trust, credibility, rapport, and cooperation. 


SKL-092415: The Scholarly Writing Series, Part 1 - Topic Development

Thursday, September 24th (12:30p.m. to 1:45p.m) (LS - TBA)

The Scholarly Writing Series is a three-part skills class designed over the course of three months to help students achieve their writing goals. The Series begins with a topic development class to assist students in their transition from persuasive writing to scholarly writing and understand the importance of topic selection. The next class is designed to assist students with research and the last class allows student to present their idea and brainstorm with a group of colleagues. Students must attend all three in order to earn a skills credit. 


SKL-SOCJ-092515: Introduction into Social Justice Lawyering

Friday, September 25th (1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m) (LS - 111)

This course will introduce students to social justice lawyering from the movement perspective. In this interactive and participatory workshop, students will strengthen their understanding of how to work as community lawyers – lawyering collaboratively with organizers to build social and political movements that have the power to win. Students will explore the range of roles legal advocates play and the competing tradeoffs of varying approaches; identify the core strategies, tactics, and skills of movement legal work; share real stories of cases/campaigns and constructively reflect on challenges and opportunities; and discuss power & privilege and the importance of anti-oppression framework to movement legal work.