Required Skills Competencies

In Spring 2013, the Loyola law faculty approved a future for the skills curriculum. This new era includes a requirement for all students who entered the Fall of 2014 and thereafter, that now includes four required skills competencies.  We believe these four competencies are important for future practitioners to provide a competitive foundation for our students. 

The below requirements are effective for all students who entered Fall 2014 and thereafter: 

General Skills Requirement 

  • All law students must earn eight skills credits before graduation.

Required Skills Competencies

Within the eight-credit graduation requirement, students must take at least one skills course satisfying each of the following skills competencies:

  1. Client Interviewing 

  2. Negotiation

  3. Cultural Competence and Interpersonal Skills 

  4. Law Office Management and Professionalism 

Many of the required courses are offered in a variety of formats.  A notation is always provided in the course description to alert students if a course satisfies any of the above requirements.  

Note: Successful completion of doctrinal course Mediation & Arbitration satisfies competency(2) Negotiation.  Also, one semester of clinic earns three skills credits and satisfies competency requirement (1) Client Interviewing; (3) Cultural competence and Interpersonal Skills and (4) Law Office Management and Professionalism.  Two semesters of clinic earns a total of six credits and satisfies all four competency requirements. With the exception of clinic, students may earn a maximum of 4 skills credits from LAW courses approved for skills credit. 

If any students have questions about the requirements, please feel to contact Prof. Hector Linares at the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning: (504) 861-5560 or