Public Interest Student Membership

Student Membership

Candidancy Requirements

A student becomes a candidate for Journal membership by compliance with the following terms:

  • CLASS RANK: The Editor-in-Chief extends invitations for candidacy to all students who, each fall term, comprise the top twenty-five percent of the freshman class of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, following the second semester of their first year. The percentage rankings must be based on the official class rankings supplied by the Student Records office.
  • HOURS COMPLETED: For Day Students, each student must have completed no less than thirty-one semester hours of course work. For Night Students, each student must have completed no less than twenty-one semester hours of course work.
  • WRITING COMPETITION: Before the Fall term, the Editor-in-Chief, in cooperation with the Editorial Board, conducts a casenote writing competition. The competition is open to any student who will not have commenced his or her senior year of study, who has or will have completed at least thirty semester credit hours by the end of the spring semester and who has attained a G.P.A. equal to or better than the average of the top twenty-six to forty percent of his or her freshman class. The entries submitted in the casenote writing competition will be evaluated by a reviewing committee of no fewer than five members of the Editorial Board. Final entries will be evaluated by the Dean or a faculty member (usually the Journal’s faculty advisor). The Editor-in-Chief shall extend invitations of candidacy to the Journal to those students whose casenote demonstrates academic excellence and exceptional legal writing.
  • CANDIDACY FOLLOWING THE FIRST YEAR OF LEGAL STUDIES: If, following the first year of legal studies, a student’s cumulative grade point average reaches or exceeds the requirement for Journal membership for the student’s class, the student may apply for candidacy to the Journal by written application including certification of his or her official class ranking from the Student Records office. After the Editorial Board has confirmed the student’s G.P.A., the student shall become a candidate.
  • CONCURRENT MEMBERSHIP: Students may not serve on both the Loyola Law Review and the Journal of Public Interest Law. Students, however, may serve on both the Journal of Public Interest Law and Moot Court.

Membership Requirements

Any qualified candidate may become a member of the Journal by compliance with the following terms:

  • ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: Each candidate for membership on the Journal is required to complete the Law Review Practicum course during the fall semester of their candidacy year (normally their second year of law school). Candidates earn one credit hour of academic credit and a grade of pass/fail for this course.  Each candidate is required to complete a comment in the Seminar in Legal Writing during the spring semester of their candidacy year. Candidates earn three credit hours of academic credit and a letter grade determined by the course instructor. Students must complete the comment under the guidance of a faculty member and comment editor.
  • WRITING REQUIREMENTS: Each candidate for the Journal is required to develop, research, and write a comment that conforms to the requirements established in the Seminar in Legal Writing. In order to be publishable, the comments will have to conform with the rules and standards established by the Editorial Board.