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Order of Barristers

Order of Barristers is a national honor society that seeks to encourage effective oral advocacy and brief writing through law school advocacy - related classes and programs. Schools selected to have chapters in The Order include those nationallly recognized for outstanding Moot Court and mock trial programs and for successful participation in regional, national, and international interscholastic oral advocacy competitions. Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is honored to have achieved the distinction of having a chapter of The Order of Barristers. Ten students are chosen each year based on excellent trial and appellate oral advocacy skills as well as excellent brief writing skills.

Order of Barristers Inductees 2015:

  • Dominique Simone Badon
  • Danilo Bandovic
  • Rebecca Lynn Bartlett
  • Joseph Davis Damrich
  • Stephanie D. Giglio
  • Shelby Charles Johnson
  • Kristyn Lambert Lee
  • Rachel Scarafia
  • Scott Richard
  • Ranchaela Haracta Ward

Order of Barristers Inductees 2014:

  • Brittany L. Beckner
  • Jason A. Culotta
  • Kelsey A. Eagan
  • Christopher T. Whelen
  • Claire A. Noonan
  • Mathilde V. Semmes
  • Lauren A. Guichard
  • Michael R. Simons
  • Joseph R. Ward III
  • Chad D. Lederman

Order of Barristers Inductees 2013:

  • Camille R. Bryant
  • Katherine C. Cazayoux
  • Kelley N. Escobar
  • Javier Jalice
  • Chynna L. Kelley
  • Marc J. Mandich
  • Holly Y. McGinness
  • Krystal D. Norton
  • Alexandra E. Rossi
  • Paul R. Solouki