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The Office of Skills and Experiential Learning offers online recordings of our previously offered skills courses for for those students in their final semester who have not yet fulfilled their graduation skills requirement. Please note, students may receive credit for a maximum of three skills credits from the viewing of online courses. 

In order to receive credit, you must contact Prof. Linares at to request permission for the particular online course(s) you would like to view. Once approved, you will receive access to the online videos. After watching, the video, you must submit a signed Online Viewing Certification Form. The form may be turned in via email or in person to the Skills office. The list of online courses is listed below.


Courses Satisfying Skills Competency Requirement 1) Client Interviewing

SKR1-090719: Interviewing Children

SKR1-092918: Interviewing Clients with Disabilities

SKR1-SOCJ-020218: Social Justice Client Interviewing


Courses Satisfying Skills Competency Requirement 2) Negotiation

SKR2-111017: Negotiation

SKR2-021717: Collaborative Law


Courses Satisfying Skills Competency Requirement 3) Cultural Competence

SKR3-090619: Immigration Advocacy for Unaccompanied Minors

SKR3-SOCJ-02202218: Advocacy for Transgender Clients 

SKR3-020217: Representing Asylum Seekers  

SKR3-01242617: Spanish for Lawyers

SKR3-04050716: Race, Power, and Privilege 


Courses Satisfying Skills Competency Requirement 4) Law Office Management/Professionalism

SKR4-100617: Setting Up your Solo Practice

SKR4-022815: Solo/Small Practice and Loss Prevention 


Courses Satisfying Requirement for Health Law Certificate 

SKL-012513: Social Security Basics

SKP-CIV-110114: Preparing for a Medical Deposition

SKL-021916: Understanding Disability Status


Courses Satisfying Requirement for Certificate in Immigration and Citizenship Law and Practice

SKR3-090619: Immigration Advocacy for Unaccompanied Minors

SKL-020217: Representing Asylum Seekers 


Other Skills Courses

SKL-082518: Developing a Theory of the Case

SKL-10101217: Evidence & Objections

SKL-10030517: Direct and Cross Examination

SKL-TRAN-092217: Mergers & Acquisitions

SKL-021117: Food Law and Policy

SKL-111116: Predial Servitudes and Opinions

SKL-CRIM-092316: Criminal Arraignment, PreLim Exam and Pretrial Motions

SKL-CRIM-091616: Criminal Primer

SKL-09131516: Maritime Primer I & Maritime Primer II

SKL-020216: Risk Management

SKL-021316: Residential Mortgage Transactions

SKP-CIV-03010316: Drafting Discovery

SKP-102414: Introduction to Social Justice Lawyering

SKL-100314: Appellate Advocacy

SKP-090514: Advanced Bluebook Citation

SKL-TRAN-110714: Contract Drafting and Review

SKL-030715: Online patent, trademark, copyright research

SKL-01272915: The Longshore Act

SKL-041516: Investigation of Maritime Incidents

SKL-11171915: Trust Accounting

SKL-TRAN-101415: Commercial Real Estate Deals

SKL-091115: Conducting Tax Research