October Skills Courses

SKL-100314: Appellate Advocacy

Friday, October 3rd (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (308)

This course is designed to provide insight into appellate advocacy. Two esteemed judges will provide insight into appellate argument at two levels of appeals. Judge Madeline Landrieu, from the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal will guide the class through various aspects of oral advocacy from the judge’s perspective.  Justice Harry Lemmon (ret) from the Louisiana Supreme Court will provide advice specifically to appellate brief writing and insight into judicial decision-making. Professor Wallace will guide the class through specific pointers relevant to academic moot court competitions.

SKP-CIV-100314: Drafting a Civil Complaint (Civil Practice)

Friday, October 3rd (1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m) (112)

This course is dedicated to learning how to draft a civil complaint, specifically with a personal injury and environmental toxic tort perspective. Two experienced civil plaintiff attorneys will provide insight into the important provisions of complaint drafting.  Students will discuss various drafting techniques regarding relevant claims based on the civil practice problem. The practitioners will provide context through a hypothetical case and students will begin drafting a civil complaint. Bring your laptop to class! This class will provide many opportunities for student engagement and discussion on current issues and drafting techniques with experienced practitioners.  

SKP-100414: Legislative Update (offered through CLE office)

Saturday, October 4th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (111)

This is a CLE course offered for local area attorneys.  Graciously, the CLE office has allowed students to attend this event as an opportunity to earn skill credit. We ask all students to respect the professional setting of CLE courses and come dressed in business casual attire. We also close enrollment three days before the event to ensure adequate time for the CLE office to prepare.

 The course is offered every year by the CLE office as a complete update of the bills presented in the 2014 Louisiana legislative session. Louisiana legislators will explain the enactment how the new legislation may impact law.  We recommend this course for students in their third year who intend to practice in Louisiana or those interested in politics. 

SKP-10070914: Legislative Policy and Advocacy  (Class cancelled due to low enrollment)

Tuesday and Thursday, October 7th and 9th (12:30p.m. to 1:45p.m) (BB-114)

Students will learn critical policy advocacy skills such as identifying important political targets and outlining tactics in a persuasive campaign that will motivate elected officials to take action on issues. Additionally, students will be given a topic to research and prepare a five-minute “elevator pitch” in the related session.  In part 2, students will give a five minute “elevator pitch” on a particular subject to convey a concise and persuasive message to a professional audience.

SKP-10091614: Technology in Law Practice

Thursday, October 9th and Thursday, October 16th (12:30p.m. to 1:45p.m) (112)

Most courtrooms are now equipped with interactive technology, and Judges are utilizing modern digital platforms for reviewing pleadings.  Some courts are now requiring hyperlinked documents within the Federal PACER system, and practitioners are trying to keep pace with these advanced digital filings.  The skills instructor will guide students through the modern use of technology, and its practical application. Students will learn how to create interactive documents, take full advantage of the courts’ e-Filing system, and also how to take technological control of the modern courtroom. 

SKP-101714: Scholarly Writing Series – Part II

Friday, October 17th (10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m) (112)

The Scholarly Writing Series is a three-part skills class designed over the course of three months to help students achieve their writing goals. The Series began in September with a topic development class to assist students in their transition from persuasive writing to scholarly writing and understand the importance of topic selection. This next class is designed to assist students with research and the last class in November allows students to present their idea and brainstorm with a group of colleagues. Students must attend all three in order to earn a skills credit.

Part II of the Scholarly Writing Series is designated to assist students with research aspect of their writing agenda.  By this time in the series, students should have at least three ideas for a topic.  Students are required to bring three to five topic ideas to this class, as the class is designated as an interactive session to research your individual topic. The instructor will guide students through various portals to understand how to better research your idea.

If you are unable to attend this course, we are recording this session and will release on the blackboard page. Please notify our office if you would like the video recording. 

SKP-101714: Trial Advocacy Skills: Direct/Cross and Introducing Evidence

Friday, October 17th (1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m) (112)

This course is dedicated to trial drills of direct and cross-examination. Students will learn how to conduct an effective and direct and cross-examination and also the four step process of how to introduce evidence at trial. Trial Advocacy students will perform drills and then two experienced practitioners will provide explanatory coaching on methods to improve. This is a great opportunity to understand procedure and evidence in context.

SKP-102414: Introduction to Social Justice Lawyering

Friday, October 24th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (112)

This course will introduce students to social justice lawyering from the movement perspective. In this interactive and participatory workshop, students will strengthen their understanding of how to work as community lawyers – lawyering collaboratively with organizers to build social and political movements that have the power to win. Students will explore the range of roles legal advocates play and the competing tradeoffs of varying approaches; identify the core strategies, tactics, and skills of movement legal work; share real stories of cases/campaigns and constructively reflect on challenges and opportunities; and discuss power & privilege and the importance of anti-oppression framework to movement legal work.

SKL-102414: Applied Law Review Symposium

Friday, October 24th (assignment required) (308)

The law review symposium is offered every year as an opportunity for students to attend a scholarly panel presentation on a relevant leading issue in the law.  This year Loyola's Law Review Symposium is dedicated to "The Pursuit of Justice, Service to Others, and Dignityfor All: A Mission Made Manifest in the Work of Judge Skelly Wright."  To earn skills credit, students must first register via Blackboard, attend one panel discussion and in the spirit of Judge Wright find a public service opportunity that exemplifies "service to others."  Skills credit is awarded upon completion of a reflective paper.  Please see the assignment posted on Blackboard for more information. 

SKP-10283014: Advanced Legal Research Skills

Tuesday and Thursday, October 28th and 30th (12:30p.m. to 1:45p.m.) (111)

Legal research is one of the most important skills for an attorney.  This course will help students feel confident about legal research and understand advanced methods to ensure a legal issue is fully researched.  This is an interactive session where students will learn research techniques based on skill problems.  Students will research using Westlaw and BloombergBNA.  On Tuesday, students will receive training on BloombergBNA and a short skill assignment to be completed using BloombergBNA. On Thursday, students will receive training on Westlaw and a short skill assignment to be completed using Westlaw. Both of these skills assignments will be due November 7th and Prof. Barnes will provide feedback and offer further training if desired by the student.