October 2018 Skills Courses

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SKL-SOCJ-091818: Legal Observer Training

(Monday, October 1, 2018) (6:00 - 8:00 pm) (Clinic Building Room 134)
The Legal Observer program of the National Lawyers Guild provides independent witnesses to observe law enforcement conduct during First Amendment-protected activity. Legal Observers (LOs) show up to protests, rallies, marches, and other events when requested by organizers, and use their skills to document any potential abuses by law enforcement, such as unlawful arrest, excessive force, intimidation, or otherwise preventing people from constitutionally protected protest. LO'ing is a fun way to support justice in and for our communities - come out, get trained, and join us in the streets!

Note: This course was moved from its original date of September 18, 2018 due to a scheduling conflict.



SKL-10020418: Oral Presentation Skills

(Tues/Thurs, October 2 & 4, 2018) (12:30pm - 1:45 pm) (LS 111)
This course seeks to prepare law students to become effective public speakers, both in the context of oral arguments and in public presentations outside of the courtroom. Hone your oral presentation skills with this fun and interactive skills course.



SKL-101118: Notice and Comment Rulemaking

(Thursday, October 11, 2018) (5:00pm - 6:00pm) (Room 401)
Submitting a comment for a federal or state notice of proposed rulemaking is one of the simplest and most essential ways for the public to participate in the rulemaking process. This course will teach students how to identify opportunities to comment on key regulations put forth by federal and state agencies and give students the opportunity to write a comment on proposed regulatory changes that may be of interest to them.   Cosponsored by the American Constitution Society.

Note: Students must submit their own comment of at least 400 words on a proposed rule as an assignment in order to receive a skills credit for this course. 



SKL-TRAN-101218: Risk Management

(Friday, October 12, 2018) (9:00am - 12:00 pm) (LS 111)
Law school prepares you to issue-spot, analyze hypothetical facts against the law, and professionally advise your client as to what is legally possible, but it is not generally focused on what to do once you have completed these tasks.  This course is designed to explain those potential next steps.  Specifically, this course will introduce students to Risk Management and how, as future lawyers, you must understand and apply its basic concepts to succeed in the practice of law. The first portion of the course will provide an introductory overview to the concept of "risk," including a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the client/attorney/risk manager, the traditional tools used to manage risk, and how to apply these tools in support of your client. The second portion of the course will focus on one of the most common (and misunderstood) ways lawyers assist their clients in managing risk: contractual risk allocation (including the role of insurance). Please do not miss this unique opportunity to learn and discuss such an important topic with a former corporate risk manager and current in-house counsel.



SKL-CRIM-101218: Magistrate Court & the Bond Process

(Friday, October 12, 2018) (6:00 - 7:00pm) (LS312)
Sponsored by the Evening Law Student's Association, this course will cover how an arrest culminates in magistrate court, what factors are considered when judges set bonds, and how to prepare for detention hearings. An Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner will delve into criminal procedure on both the federal and state level and how to advocate for an arrestee and for the prosecution.

Note: In order to receive skills credit, students must submit a 400-word response to a hypothetical that will be given at the conclusion of the presentation.



SKL-0925102318: Scholarly Writing Series Part II 

(Tuesday, October 23, 2018) (12:30pm - 1:45 pm) (LS 111)
The Scholarly Writing Series is a two-part skills course held over the course of two months and designed to help students achieve individual writing goals. The Series begins with a class to assist students in their transition from persuasive writing to scholarly writing and explain the process of topic selection. The next class is designed to assist students with techniques for conducting scholarly research and incorporating the research into their writing.

Note: Students must attend both sessions and submit a minimum 100-word topic summary in order to earn a skills credit for this course. 



SKL-TRAN-102618: Drafting LLC and Corporate Documents

(Friday, Oct. 26, 2018) (9:00am-12:00pm) (LS 111)
This course will introduce you to the steps and corresponding documentation necessary to form and operate a Louisiana business corporation and a Louisiana limited liability company. Documents analyzed include articles of incorporation, articles of organization, bylaws, operating agreements, and consent resolutions. Students will hone their skills on interviewing a client seeking entity formation assistance, drafting articles that contain information acceptable for filing, and identifying organizational document provisions that benefit different stakeholders.