November Skills Courses


SKL-110116: Scholarly Writing Part III - Topic Share

Tuesday, November 1st (12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m.)  (begins in room 111)

The Scholarly Writing Series is a three-part skills class designed over the course of three months to help students achieve individual writing goals. The Series begins with a class to  assist students in their transition from persuasive writing to scholarly writing and understand the importance of topic selection. The next class is designed to assist students
with research and the last class allows student to brainstorm with colleagues and test the theory of their writing piece. Students must attend all three in order to earn a skills credit.


SKR-110316: Post Obergefell Era

Thursday, November 3, 2016, 5 – 7 p.m., room 405
THIS WILL SATISFY CULTURAL COMPETENCE SKILLS REQUIREMENT.  Topics that the panelists will address include issues related to the retroactivity of the Obergefell case, including how the case affects spouses and third persons when it comes to community property and community debts; related legislative proposals being considered by the Louisiana State Law Institute; Obergefell’s impact on LGBT employment law protection, public accommodation law (including the transgender-targeting “bathroom bills”) and higher education law.

*This course satisfies required skill class cultural competence (3).

SKL-TRAN-110416: Setting up an LLC and Drafting Corporate Documents

Friday, November 4th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.)  (room 111)
This short course will introduce you to the steps and corresponding documentation necessary to form and operate a Louisiana business corporation and a Louisiana limited liability company.  Documents analyzed include articles of incorporation, articles of organization, bylaws, operating agreements, and consent resolutions.  Students will hone their skills on interviewing a client seeking entity formation assistance, drafting articles acceptable for filing, and identifying organizational document provisions that benefit different stakeholders. 


SKL-MAR- 110416B - Punitive Damages Under General Maritime Law

Friday, November 4th (4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.) 
This panel discussion will provide an indepth analysis of the availability of punitive damages under general maritime law.  The panelist will discuss situations when an employer unreasonably refuses to pay maintenance and cure and how to counsel corporate/business clients who are presented with a maintenance and cure claim that the client considers spurious.  The panelist with discuss maritime opinions Batterton v. The Dutra Group and the likelihood of a circuit split. Further discussion will include a comparison of  McBride and Batterton, exploring possible lines of reasoning to support allowing or barring recovery of punitive damages under general maritime law in the future.

Panelist include Lynn Luker, Stanley, Reuter, Ross, Thornton & Alford, LLC; Paul Sterbcow, Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow & Abramson; Randy Theunissen, Allen & Gooch; Jerome Moroux, Broussard & David.  McBride v. Estis Well Svc.

All are invited to this event.  Students interested in maritime law should not miss this opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners about maritime law on a very relevant topic in the field.  Attorneys in the field are encouraged to attend and mingle with students and earn free CLE credit. A small reception will follow the panel discussion. 

SKR-111016: Introduction into Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Thursday, November 10th (5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.)  (room TBA)
THIS CLASS SATISFIES THE NEGOTIATION SKILL REQUIREMENT.  This is a skills class offered in conjunction with the Independent Police Monitor's office fostering police mediation training in our community.  The first portion of the course will introduce core mediation concepts. The second session of the course, students will work with experienced mediators in an interactive role play scenario. The course is limited to 20 students who are assigned a role to play, such as a police officer or resident complainant in the simulation.  The professional mediators will provide specific guidance related to police mediation.  Students will learn skills such as active listening, managing differences, understanding facilitative and transformative mediation, and recognizing the complexity in a mediation process.

*This class satisfies the required Negotiation skills course (2).  

SKL-111116: Advanced Tax Research

Friday, November 11th (2:30p.m.-5:00p.m.) (LS Room 111)

This course covers basic tax research skills. Included in this course is instruction regarding accessing and evaluating the primary and secondary sources of tax law, including the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, case law, and other relevant authorities. The emphasis of this course will be on electronic research, and will involve discussions and examples of several research tools. 

SKR-111516: Trust Accounting and Money Management

Tuesday and Thursday, November 15th and 17th (12:30p.m. to 1:30p.m.)  (room 111)
THIS COURSE SATISFIES LAW OFFICE MANAGEMENT AND PROFESSIONALISM SKILLS REQUIREMENT. This skills course is a once a year offering open to students. This course is normally offered to attorneys who have received disciplinary complaints involving their trust account. Come learn how well intentioned lawyers make simple mistakes which impact their career. We want you to be prepared to practice, so all students are encouraged to attend and learn the ethical rules involving trust accounting as well as practical demonstrations on how to keep, maintain, and balance an attorney trust account. Do not miss this opportunity!

*This course satisfies required skill Law Office Management and Professionalism (4)