Law Professor Promotes Legal Scholarship

Law Professor Mitch Crusto is joining other distinguished law professors from various law schools in the The John Mercer Langston Writing Workshop at Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas, Texas, June 24-26. The Workshop was conceived in response to the dearth of African-American males in the law academy and is named for the first African-American male law professor in the country. This workshop is one way to help bring more African-American males into the law academy and retain those already present. The workshop will consist of approximately ten work-in-progress sessions and three panels designed to address writing, teaching, and other issues unique to African-American males in the law academy. The participants will present their scholarship and receive feedback from both a select commentator in their area of scholarly expertise and the audience, which will include several senior scholars who can help them produce high-level scholarly work. This workshop came to fruition through months of discussions, brainstorming and planning by Professors Frank Rudy Cooper (Suffolk), Areto Imoukhuede (Nova Southeastern), D. Aaron Lacy (Southern Methodist) and Terry Smith (DePaul).