Law Professor Dialogues on State Judges’ Role in Developing Constitutional Law, Right to Travel

Law Professor Mitch Crusto facilitated a discussion with Louisiana judges and lawyers on state judges’ role in developing constitutional law at the Louisiana Judicial Council’s 16th Annual Jamaican Sunset CLE in Negril, Jamaica, July 10, 2010. Crusto’s presentation, entitled “Retracing the Steps on the Bridge: the Right to Intra-State Travel,” explored the ration decindendi of the federal court decision in the Dickerson Case which stated there is no constitutional right to travel within the State of Louisiana. In Dickerson, US citizens were prevented from crossing west on the Crescent City Connector bridge following Hurricane Katrina, by the Gretna police. Seeing the Dickerson case as “the most significant human rights’ decision in contemporary constitutional law,” Crusto urged the state courts as bastions of democracy to continue the serious work of protecting individual constitutional rights. He has recently published a leading constitutional law article, Enslaved Constitution: Obstructing Freedom to Travel, in which he analyzes the constitutional right to intra-state travel. It is published as the lead article in the University of Pittsburgh Law Review.