Loyola Law Review Names 2015-16 Editorial Board

From Annie G. McBride, Loyola Law Review Editor in Chief, 2014-2015:

I have the distinct privilege of introducing the 2015-2016 Editorial Board of the Loyola Law Review.  But first, I'd like to say that this year's candidate class has been remarkable.  The candidates have approached the casenote, comment, and sub and cite assignments with zeal and professionalism.  Additionally, they've fostered strong friendships amongst each other and with many of the members.  It has been a pleasure to serve and get to know them.

We had an exemplary pool of applicants for next year's Editorial Board positions.  Regardless of the outcome for any particular individual, we thank all applicants for their willingness to serve Loyola in this capacity and for their continued commitment to the Law Review; it is made stronger by it.

With that said, the current Editorial Board, after extensive and careful deliberation, has chosen the nine individuals who we believe are particularly well suited to the tasks ahead of them, finding that they all share the goals of serving Loyola, the Law Review, the members and candidates, and each other.

They are:

Editor in Chief - H. Rick Yelton

Managing Editor, Print - Casey C. DeReus

Managing Editor, Substance & Citation - Patrick D. Murphree

Candidate Development & Symposium Editor - Emily E. Breaux

Articles Editors - Amanda R. James and Thomas D. Kimball

Casenote & Comment Editors - Ashley E. Arnold, Carlos Cano, and R. Blake Crohan

Please join us in congratulating these individuals and wishing them well in their work.