Loyola Law Clinic Human Rights Project Submits List of Issues to the United Nations Human Rights Committee

Law students Samantha Hechtman (3L), Shannon Jung (3L), Emily Posner (3L), and Emily Trostle (2L) recently submitted a report to the Human Rights Committee on behalf of the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice. In October 2013, the United States will undergo a review by the Human Rights Committee of its compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The list of issues prepared by the students highlights areas where the United States has fallen short of meeting its international human rights obligations with respect to the civil and political rights of immigrant workers. In collaboration with the Workers’ Center, the students developed a list of questions and recommendations for the Human Rights Committee to consider as it reviews the United States’ human rights record.


For more information about the ICCPR Reporting Process, please visit http://www.ushrnetwork.org/resources-media/iccpr-list-issues-submissions-compiled-ushrn

To view the report and other civil society submissions, please visit http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/hrc/NGOsReporthrcs107.htm