March 2018 Skills Courses

SKL-SOCJ-011818: Assisting Pro Se Litigants

(Thursday, March 1) (12:30pm-1:30pm) (LS 111)

Representatives from The Pro Bono Project will lead this training on how to assist indigent pro se litigants as they navigate proceedings related to family law (divorce, custody, protective orders, and more) and other types of civil matters.  Students who complete this training will be eligible to volunteer at The Pro Bono Project’s Self-Help Resource Centers at Orleans Parish Civil District Court or the 24th JDC in Gretna. Volunteers at the Self-Help Resource Centers do not provide legal advice, but assist pro-se litigants by providing them with access to legal forms, information, and referrals.

*Note: Submission of a 400-word reflection paper is required to earn skills credit.

**Note: This course was rescheduled from its original date in January and is now being held on March 1st.

SKL-030218: Skills Trivia Night

(Friday, March 2) (5:30pm - 9:30pm) (Cooter Brown's, 509 S. Carrollton Ave.)

Join Phi Delta Phi for a fun night of learning skills through trivia. The organizers will challenge contestants with a mix of substantive and practice-focused questions on the following topics: Ethics and Professionalism, Civil Procedure, Torts, Constitutional Law, Civil vs. Common Law, Landmark Cases, and Legal History.

*Note: No registration is necessary for this skills course. Just sign in when you arrive.

SKR1-030318: Interviewing Juvenile Clients

(Saturday, March 3) (9:00am - 12:00pm) (LS 111)

This course will explore how issues related to adolescent development impact interviewing, communicating with, and counseling juvenile clients and witnesses. Students will learn strategies and techniques for overcoming communication barriers with youth in all settings and contexts. Exercises in this course will focus on the initial client interview of a juvenile in delinquency proceedings.

*Note: This course satisfies skills competency requirement 1) Client Interviewing & Counseling.

SKL-CRIM-03060818: Media Strategy for Criminal Defenders

(Tuesday and Thursday, March 6 and 8) (12:30pm-1:45pm) (LS 111)
The course will present a discussion of when criminal defense attorneys can and should talk to news media, how it can help and hurt you, and what you should actually say. Led by a media-experienced practitioner including advice from local crime reporters and a discussion of ethical considerations when you take your case outside the courtroom and into the public eye. 

SKL-SOCJ-030918: Pre-Discovery Civil Rights Investigation

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

SKR4-030918: Ex Parte Communications

(Friday, March 9) (5:30pm-6:30pm) (LS 405)
Psst. Hey Judge...The Evening Law Student Association will host Loyola Law School’s very own Dean Madeleine Landrieu for a discussion on the ethical and practical aspects of Ex Parte communications. An Ex Parte communication is a communication between counsel and the court when opposing counsel is not present. These communications are generally not permitted as contrary to the fundamental idea of fairness in our adversarial legal system. While the concept appears simple, in law things are rarely what they appear. After all, lawyers and judges are humans, being social and communicating with one another is essential in all aspects of life. 

*Note: This course satisfies skills competency 4) Professionalism/Law Office Management.

**Note: Submission of a 400-word reflection paper is required to earn skills credit.

SKL-031018: Social Security Skills

(Saturday, March 10, 2018) (9:00am-12:00pm) (LS 111)
The Social Security Act and its various provisions encompass a wide variety of benefits: disability, retirement, Medicare and many more. These benefits can also affect and be affected by many other areas of law: domestic relations, long term disability, worker's compensation, personal injury, and medical coverage to name a few. Even a small amount of knowledge of the Social Security Act can be of immense value to the practitioner or new attorney with the firm, especially if the senior partner asks "Do we have anyone who knows anything about Social Security?" Do not miss this opportunity to gain a little knowledge in a specific area touching so many other areas of law. 

SKL-MAR-03131518: Maritime Contracts

(Tues. March 13 & Thurs. March 15) (12:30pm-1:45pm) (LS 111)
Given the importance of the maritime and offshore industry in this region, any attorney practicing maritime law along the Gulf Coast will need to understand the attributes of a maritime contract, how a maritime contract differs from a non-maritime contract, maritime indemnity and insurance obligations, the Louisiana and Texas Oilfield Indemnity Acts, and how a maritime contract can affect Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act obligations, among other things. 

SKL-SOCJ-031618: JPIL Symposium

(Friday, March 16, 2018) (9:00 am - 4:00pm) (LS 111)
Receive skills credit for attending this year's Journal of Public Interest Law Symposium, entitled, "Champions for Justice: Celebrating the Lives of Lolis Elie and Sam Dalton”. The symposium will celebrate the lives and accomplishments of two gentlemen who best exemplified the Jesuit mission of social justice. Mr. Elie, ’59,  a longtime Civil Rights advocate, and Mr. Dalton, ’54, a pioneer of indigent defense, were giants in the New Orleans legal community for many years, and the effects of their efforts continue to reverberate today.” The symposium will provide valuable practical lessons for those interested in careers in civil rights, indigent defense, or systemic reform work.

*Note: Registration not necessary. Attendance verification form will be provided.

SKL-CIV-031718: Demonstrative Evidence

(Saturday, March 17) (10:00 - 11:30 am) (LS 111)
This skills class will teach students when and how to use demonstrative evidence in various forms to argue your position in mediation, motions hearings, and in trials. The students will learn high tech and low tech methods and tools to help persuade lawyers, claim handlers, judges and juries to agree with your position. This class will discuss the use of physical evidence tangible blow-ups, court audio and visual systems, laptops, tablets, Power Point/Key Note software, and other trial presentation software. 

*Note: Submission of a 300-word reflection paper is required to earn skills credit.

SKL-CIV-03202218: Quantum Damages and Demand Letters

(Tues/Thurs, March 20 & 22, 2018) (12:30-1:45pm) (LS 111)

In this two-part class, students will learn the basic steps of drafting a demand letter and researching quantum damages. Specifically, on Tuesday, the instructor will discuss the elements of a settlement demand and will present sample letters based on real cases. At the end of class, a hypothetical will be given for review. Then, on Thursday, the hypothetical will be discussed and the instructor will share her demand. Next, the instructor will explain what quantum is, where to find quantum, and give examples of researching quantum for various injuries. Last, the instructor will give ethical and professional considerations in sending a demand.

SKL-TRANS-032317: Banking Sector Regulatory Compliance

(Friday, March 23, 2018) (9:00am - 12:00pm) (LS 111)
This class will introduce students to the compliance industry. The focus of the class is specific to banking and financial institutions, but compliance reaches many different areas of practice. From the Federal Reserve to the EPA, OSHA to the Transportation Safety Board, or the SEC to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, everything requires compliance professionals who understand the legal and regulatory framework. Come explore this alternative career route little-known to many law students. 

SKL-031618: Navigating Community Property Disputes

(Friday, March 23, 2018) (1:00 - 4:00pm) (LS 111)
This course will cover the practical aspects of litigating community property disputes arising from divorce proceedings. Students will learn to identify issues early on in divorce proceedings that may serve as the basis of claims in community property partitions. Students will learn about the entire process of community partition, including deadlines, differences in procedures among some jurisdictions, and tips for dealing with more experienced attorneys. Students will also be exposed to the most common pleadings and types of documentation applicable to property petitions using real-world examples. The course will also address various ways to fund a family law case and obtain payments for services other than a large upfront retainer. 

Note: This skills course was moved from its original date to March 23rd due to a scheduling conflict.

SKL-032418: Will Drafting

(Saturday, March 24, 2018) (9:00am - 12:00pm) (LS 111)

This skills course is designed to teach students how to draft basic wills for their clients, particularly to those students who are interested in a solo law practice. Students will learn the relevant law regarding testaments and the procedure from start to finish. We will discuss the importance of best practices, client intake, determining capacity, drafting the testament, and procedures for probate. Students will also get an interactive training on the practical aspects of drafting a will in Louisiana.