Law Professor Explores Collaborative Research Opportunities Relative to the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Law Professor Mitch Crusto presented an analysis of the BP litigation as a source of collaborative research as a panelist on the Economics, Policy, and Decision Support Systems strand a multi-state conference in New Orleans on Monday, November 1, 2010. The Louisiana Board of Regents facilitated the conference entitled “Collaborative Scientific Research Opportunities Relative to the Gulf Oil Spill,” with support from the National Science Foundation. Crusto’s presentation, entitled “Beyond the BP Litigation: Opportunities for Collaborative Research” provided an audience of scientists, economists, policy decision-makers, and governmental officials details on the various types of claims and opportunities for interdisciplinary research and support thereof. Crusto concluded that BP Oil Spill is an unprecedented disaster, the litigation of which provides a multi-faceted opportunity for national and international collaborative research in the areas of law and economics, regulation and systems, environmental risk and community protection. Crusto has been quoted in newspapers, television, and radio relative to the BP Litigation, including on National Public Radio.