March Skills Courses

SKP-CIV-03010316: Drafting Discovery

Tuesday and Thursday, March 1st and 3rd (12:30pm – 2:00pm) (LS - 405)

This class will begin on Tuesday with an overview of basic written discovery requests and responses.  Students will learn how to propound and answer written Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents and Requests for Admissions. On Thursday, students will practice drafting and responding to written discovery requests based on a specific case and gain an understanding of the impact of such discovery on depositions, trial and/or settlement of a case. Skills instructor, Omar K. Mason, is an experienced attorney and trial instructor ready to share his insight and practical tips necessary for effective civil litigation.  

SKR-030916: Mediation Skills (2)

Wednesday, March 9th (6:00pm – 9:00pm) (LS - 111)

This is a skills class offered in conjunction with the Independent Police Monitor's office fostering police mediation training in an active role play scenario.  The course is limited to 20 students who may be given a role to play, such as a police officer or resident complainant in a mediation session.  Professional mediators who participate in police mediation program will provide specific guidance related to police mediation.  Students will learn skills such as active listening, managing differences, understanding facilitative and transformative mediation, recognizing the complexity in a mediation process. 

*This class satisfies the required Negotiation skills course (applicable to the 2L class).



SKL-SocJ-031816: Legal Observer Training 

Friday, March 18th (12:00pm – 2:00pm) (LS - 111)

This course is tailored to legal observer training in conjunction with Mardi Gras Indian events. Legal Observers are trained professionals who monitor and document officer conduct to protect individuals'  and groups' First Amendment Rights.  This training is part of a national program through the National Lawyers Guild.  To earn skill credit, students must attend the training session on Friday  and then to legally observe the evening of March 19 (St. Joseph's Night uptown and downtown) paired  with local attorneys.  Students will work in pairs or partner with an attorney/legal observer. Attorney Mandisa Moore-O'Neal, Legal Observer Coordinator for the National Lawyers Guild in Louisiana and Alison McCrary, Independent Police Monitor will facilitate the training. If you are interested in social justice and community lawyering, we highly recommend this training. 


SKL-031916: Regulatory Compliance (Banking Sector)

Saturday, March 19th (9:00am – 12:00pm) (LS - 112)

This class will introduce students to the compliance industry. The focus of the class is specific to banking and financial institutions, but compliance reaches many different areas of practice. From the Federal Reserve to the EPA, OSHA to the Transportation Safety Board, or the SEC to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, everything requires compliance professionals who understand the legal and regulatory framework. This is a new alternative career route that many law students do not realize. 

The goals for the course include: (i) to introduce students to an area of the law that they might not be aware of or familiar with; (ii) to explain key concepts of the legal framework of regulations and the similarities and distinctions between laws, statutes, and regulations (i.e. how an act of Congress becomes a statute, which later gives birth to  new regulations); (iii) to  send students on a fact-finding mission as a short homework assignment; and (iv) to explain to students struggling with career ideas that there are so many employment options out there that don’t require working in a law firm or litigating cases.


SKR-SOCJ-032216: Immigration and Children's Rights (3)

Tuesday, March 22nd (12:30pm – 2:00pm) (LS - 405)

            ► Public Interest Week: Children’s Rights and Advocacy 

As part of “Public Interest Week,” Journal of Public Interest Law, Gillis Long Poverty Law Center, and Public Interest Law Group will host skills classes on “Children’s Rights and Advocacy.”  This first event on Tuesday includes four panelists who will discuss “Immigration and Children’s Rights,” specifically current issues related to immigration and children, including Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Students interested in Loyola’s immigration or children’s rights clinics are encouraged to attend. Loyola students who enroll in the Tuesday course via the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning and attend the panel discussion will receive 1 skills credit. Practitioners from the community are also invited. 1.4 hours of general CLE credit in Louisiana has been approved.

*This class satisfies the required Cultural Competence and Inter-Personal skills course (applicable to the 2L class).

*Immigration Certificate


SKR-0321222316: Negotiation Basics

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21st - 23rd (5:00pm – 6:00pm) (LS - 405)

This course is formatted in short three “one-hour instruction units”.  The first unit will introduce students to the chronology of a negotiation and basic terminology, such as agenda and priority setting.  The second unit you will hear instructors skilled in negotiation provide strategy tips on difficult negotiations.  The last unit provides simulation time where students will practice negotiation skills.  

*This class satisfies the required Negotiation skills course (applicable to the 2L class).