February Skills Courses

SKP-02020416: Demonstrative Evidence

Tuesday and Thursday, February 2nd and 4th (12:30pm – 2:00pm) (LS - 111)

This course provides an overview of a wide range of demonstrative aids available to assist in supporting various issues during the trial of the case. Students will examine both expensive and inexpensive options available to create such aids and will explore the proper way to lay the foundation for the introduction of 
such exhibits.  


SKL-TRAN-021216: Residential Mortgage Transactions 

Friday, February 12th (1:00pm – 4:00pm) (LS - 111)

This course will cover the basic information and steps in closing a real estate transaction from start to finish and the important things you need to know, both generally and specifically in Louisiana. 

It will review such steps as finding a property, confecting a purchase agreement, obtaining financing amid the new TRID rules and Best Practices requirements, obtaining insurance, preparing and reviewing documents, funding the transaction and conducting post closing clean up work. 

This course will be conducted by Kevin Heigle, a local real estate attorney who has practiced real estate law for thirty-nine (39) years and who has worked for a large downtown law firm, a mid size law firm and as a sole practitioner.



SKR-021716: Conflict Resolution

Wednesday, February 17th (5:00pm – 8:00pm) (BB - 134)

The first hour will be on thinking about conflict, reflecting on a recent experience of conflict, and an interactive exercise on approaches to conflict (avoidance, accommodating, collaborating, competing, and compromising) and becoming aware of which approach we use in situations and knowing when to use each one in different situations that they may experience as attorneys. We will then more further discuss and model the collaborative way of conflict resolution that is used in mediation. 

*This class satisfies the required Negotiation skills course (applicable to the 2L class).


SKL-021916: Understanding Disability Status

Friday, February 19th (9:00am – 12:00pm) (LS - 111)

Attorneys play an important role in advocating for people with disabilities and their families. Regardless of practice area, it is important for attorneys to understand how disabilities may affect a person’s legal rights and options, specifically in regards to “legal status” under state and federal law, and eligibility for public benefits. This session will provide an overview of these topics, and also highlight important ethical issues to consider when representing a client with a disability or a disability-related legal issue. Led by experienced practitioners from Louisiana Mental Health Advocacy Service, , Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and the Advocacy Center of Louisiana, the session will also highlight potential career paths for students interested in specializing in relevant areas of law.

*Health Care Certificate


SKL-021916: Practical Legal Scavenger Hunt

Friday, February 19th (12:30pm – 4:00pm) (LS - 111)

In conjunction with student organization, Phi Delta Phi, the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning designed a legal scavenger hunt to advance legal research and team building skills. Students will  learn important legal geographic locations in our city by physically exploring each area based on research clues.  The scavenger hunt is organized in a team format requiring students to capture an image from a specific courthouse downtown, organization or law office.  This class is designed so students learn how to work together as a team while completing specific legal research tasks. This should be a fun and worthwhile experiential endeavor.  

SKL-MAR-022616: Investigation of Maritime Accidents

Friday, February 26th (9:00am – 12:00pm) (LS - 111)

This skills course introduces students to governmental investigations of marine accidents, with a primary focus on the roles and authorities of the United States Coast Guard. Students will learn how to interact with the U.S. Coast Guard and will learn the roles of other agencies including the National Transportation Safety Board and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. After beginning with a brief lecture, the presenters will guide students through a series of progressively complex marine casualty scenarios including an oil spill and a Outer Continental Shelf casualty. Topics will include the roles of parties-in-interest, the admissibility of Coast Guard casualty reports in civil litigation, the relationship between marine casualty investigations and mariner license revocation proceedings, and marine casualty notification requirements.



SKL-SOCJ-022616: Children's Advocacy and Domestic Violence

Friday, February 26th (9:00am – 12:00pm) (405)

            ► Public Interest Week: Children’s Rights and Advocacy 

As part of “Public Interest Week,” Journal of Public Interest Law, Gillis Long Poverty Law Center, and Public Interest Law Group will host skills classes on “Children’s Rights and Advocacy.”  This second skills class on Friday includes a presentation on “Children’s Advocacy and Domestic Violence.”  Guest speakers will guide the audience through discussions related to attorney for the child cases, protective order cases, and practical issues related to children’s advocacy. Students interested in Loyola's family law or children’s rights clinics are encouraged to attend. Loyola students who enroll in the Tuesday course via the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning and attend the panel discussion will receive 1 skills credit. Practitioners from the community are also invited. 2.5 hours of general CLE credit in Louisiana has been approved.

Thursday, February 25th Fundraiser at Mellow Mushroom to benefit Youth Empowerment Project
Students, faculty, friends, and family are encouraged to visit Mellow Mushroom, located at 8227 Oak Street, on Thursday, February 25th. 10% of all food sales will go to Youth Empowerment Project, an organization in New Orleans that assists at-risk youth and provides re-entry services. For those who cannot visit Mellow Mushroom, Journal of Public Interest Law will share a GoFundMe page for donations.


SKL-TRAN-022716: Real Estate Primer 

Saturday, February 27th (9:00am – 4:00pm) (LS - 401)

The Louisiana Real Estate License Law and the Rules and Regulations of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission permit license applicants to apply certain coursework toward the 90-hour real estate sales or 150-hour broker pre-license requirements. Courses must have been completed while attending an accredited college or university. Frequently, students who are enrolled in a School of Law will have completed sufficient coursework in their undergraduate and law courses to meet the requirements, with the exception of an 8-hour course in License Law and Rules and Regulations. This course is designed to review the necessary content so that students may submit their transcripts, along with the 8-hour course completion certificate for evaluation by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. Upon approval by the Commission, students will be able to submit an application for licensing and be authorized to schedule the real estate licensing examination. NOTE: Students with questions may e-mail DrPonthier@ProEducate.com for clarification.