Employer FAQ

What are the goals of the Externship Program?

A common complaint from bar members is that recent graduates have little understanding of what the actual practice of law involves.  Loyola has responded with a number of changes including growing our Externship Program.   

With what types of placements can students serve as externs?

Loyola's Externship Field Placement Offices consist of judicial, governmental and non-profit organizations.  

Are there any forms I need to complete in connection with the externship Placement?

Yes.  As a condition of a student's participation in the Externship Program, we will require you to complete a Memorandum of Understanding.  This memorandum serves as a confirmation with your office of your understanding of our requirements.

Is a student permitted to use his/her Lexis or Westlaw account to conduct research in connection with the externship?

Yes.  Students are permitted to use their Lexis and Westlaw accounts to perform legal research related to their externship.

Who do I contact for more information about the Externship Program?

For more information regarding the Externship Program, please contact Prof. Hector Linares, Coordinator for the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning, at (504) 861-5560 or halinare@loyno.edu