March Skills classes

SKL-030215: Current Legal Issues Related to the Death Penalty

Monday, March 2nd through Thursday, March 6th.

In conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild Students against the death penalty week, a skills credit is offered for students who attend one panel of discussions and then complete the reflective skills assignment posted on Blackboard.  

SKL-03030515: Legal Marketing

Tuesday, March 3rd and Thursday, March 5th (12:30p.m.-2:00p.m) (LS - Room 111)

This course is designed to provide practical training in legal marketing, especially to address those who may enter solo practice. Come learn about the “nuts-and-bolts” of how to attract and actually get real clients, especially those that translate into legal work that pays. The instructor is the Ethics Counsel for the Louisiana State Bar Association who will teach students how to avoid ethical complaints and professional discipline. After the first day, students are required to create an advertisement for their “own” law office and submit the ad according to state ethical rules before the next class. As part of the class, everyone will receive critiques on how to improve marketing strategies and comply with bar rules. This is a fantastic opportunity!

SKL-03060715: Workplace Justice Symposium

Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th (Loyola College of Law) 

In conjunction with the symposium, students may earn skills credit provided they attend three hours of the symposium and complete the skills assignment posted on Blackboard. Title of Symposium: "WORK IN THE SOUTH: Dixie Cotton, American Steel and a Hurricane Named Katrina – A Reinvention of Bondage".  The Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law in conjunction with the Workplace Justice Project and the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center will host the 2015 Conference.  This is a symposim for practicing attorneys to earn CLE credit as well as for law students interested in social justice issues related to workplace justice.  March 6 -7 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Loyola College of Law.  To register for the Conference please visit: and also make sure to register via Blackboard for skills credit. 

SKL-030715: Online patent, trademark, copyright research

Saturday, March 7th (9:00a.m.-12:00p.m) (LS - Room 111)

This course is lead by a well known local patent attorney who will teach students how to conduct online searches. Specifically, students will learn how to conduct patentability searches at various websites and using Google, online US trademark searches, online US copyright searches, online review of file histories of US patents, US patent applications, US trademark registrations, and US trademark registration applications. If time permits, the instructor will search assignment records and trademark records in other jurisdictions, including Louisiana and other countries and regions; and discuss freedom-to-operate patent searches. This class is open to all students and we highly encourage those who are interested in intellectual property to attend.

SKP-03101215: Maritime Complaint Drafting

Tuesday, March 10th and Thursday, March 12th (12:30p.m.-2:00p.m) (LS - Room 112)

This course is dedicated to learning how to draft a maritime complaint, specifically involving general maritime and the Jones Act. Students are given a specific hypothetical and encouraged to draft a complaint filed in Federal court. An experience maritime trial attorney will provide insight into the important language, techniques and avers of complaint drafting. The instructors will discuss various drafting techniques regarding relevant claims based on the practice problem. On Thursday, a defense attorney will lead the class in how to respond to the complaint and discuss various strategies in practice. This class will provide many opportunities for student engagement and discussion on current maritime issues with experienced practitioners. All students are welcome including those who have not taken a maritime course.

SKL-SocJ-031315: Cultural Competency and Inter-personal Skills

Friday, March 13th (9:00a.m.-12:00p.m) (LS - Room 112)

Many current articles and studies suggest law students need training in issues regarding cultural competence, especially in this global market. Business schools have adopted measures to address issues related to client development in a global market. The course objectives include development of cross-cultural understandings including issues related to vulnerable populations, race relations and global markets. The course will also offer opportunities to develop “soft skill” training to present a polished professional image and build confidence. The course design will include both lecture and simulation based exercises.

SKL-032015: Active Listening

Friday, March 20th (9:00a.m.-12:00p.m) (LS - Room 112)

The Art of Active Listening in the Legal Profession. Some believe that feelings are irrelevant to a legal interview and should be avoided so lawyers can function as they “should” in a “rational and objective manner.” As a lawyer, our role is not to analyze feelings but to acknowledge a problem’s emotional aspect when a client raises it. Active listening is a useful technique for carrying out this role. How people react emotionally to situations and to proposed solutions strongly influence the nature and amount of information they provide to us and the decisions they make. Active listening requires that an attorney listen carefully to a client’s story and respond in a way that makes the client feel that they have been heard and understood. This highly interactive class will help you learn new reflective, attentive, clarifying, and active listening skills, match and name the intensity of the feelings expressed by clients, identify and name the values that your clients express, make your clients feel most fully heard and understood, and increase trust, credibility, rapport, and cooperation.

SKL-032715: Trust Accounting and Money Management

Friday, March 27th (9:00a.m.-12:00p.m) (LS - Room 112)

The skills course is a once a year offering open to students. This course is normally offered to attorneys who have received disciplinary complaints involving their trust account. Come learn how well intentioned lawyers make simple mistakes which impact their career. We want you to be prepared to practice, so all students are encouraged to attend and learn the ethical rules involving trust accounting as well as practical demonstrations on how to keep, maintain, and balance an attorney trust account. Do not miss this opportunity!

SKL-033115: Community Police Mediation Training

Tuesday, March 31st (5:00p.m.-8:00p.m) (BB - Room 135)

This is a skills class offered in conjunction with the Independent Police Monitor's office fostering police mediation training in an active role play scenario.  The course is limited to 20 students who will be given a role to play, such as a police officer or resident complainant in a mediation session.  Professional mediators who participate in police mediation program will provide specific guidance related to police mediation.  Students will learn skills such as active listening, managing differences, understanding facilitative and transformative mediation, recognizing the complexity in a mediation process.