November Skills Courses

SKR-110315: Client Interviewing and Counseling Skills 

Tuesday, November 3rd (6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m) (LS - 112)

Do you think interviewing a client is simply asking a series of questions?  Come learn how to prepare for a client interview through relationship-centered lawyering.  This course is designed in a practicum style format, so enrollment is limited to 15 students.  Students should come prepared to work and have read all course material posted on the Blackboard course page.  You will leave the course more confident about your ability to skillfully prepare and effectively interview a client. You may register via Blackboard. Depending upon interest, the course may be offered throughout the semester.  


SKL-110615: The Scholarly Writing Series, Part 3 - Topic Sharing

Friday, November 6th (10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 111) (outline due)  

The Scholarly Writing Series is a three-part skills class designed over the course of three months to help students achieve their writing goals. The Series begins with a topic development class to assist students in their transition from persuasive writing to scholarly writing and understand the importance of topic selection. The next class is designed to assist students with research and the last class allows student to present their idea and brainstorm with a group of colleagues. Students must attend all three in order to earn a skills credit.​


SKL-110615: The Impact of the BP Spill 

Friday, November 6th (1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m) (LS - 405)

This course is designed to introduce students to the many impacts of the BP spill through a documentary film.  The first 90 minutes will be dedicated to a screening of a documentary film on the BP oil spill.  The second 90 minutes will include a panel discussion.  The panel will include a team of attorneys representing commercial fisherman and related businesses and a local commercial fisherman, who will discuss the many aspects of environmental litigation and impact to the community.  This is a rare opportunity to learn and interact with those in the community who have worked on the BP case. 


SKL-110715: Social Security Basics

Saturday, November 7th (9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m) (LS - 312)  

The Social Security Act and its various provisions encompass a wide variety of benefits: disability, retirement, Medicare and many more. These benefits can also affect and be affected by many other areas of law: domestic relations, long term disability, worker’s compensation, personal injury, and medical coverage to name a few. Even a small amount of knowledge of the Social Security Act can be of immense value to the practitioner or new attorney with the firm, especially if the senior partner asks “Do we have anyone who knows anything about Social Security?” Do not miss this opportunity to gain a little knowledge in a specific area touching so many other areas of law.


Storyboarding and Delivery: Create and Deliver Your Best Courtroom and Conference Room Presentation

Saturday, November 7th at Loyola College of Law

Please email Natasha Lacoste at to register.

This is a CLE course offered for local area attorneys. Graciously, the CLE office has allowed students to attend this event as an opportunity to earn skill credit. We ask all students to respect the professional setting of CLE courses and come dressed in business casual attire. Please do not enroll in this course unless you are sure you are able to attend.


SKL-11171915: Trust Accounting

Tuesday and Thursday, November 17th and 19th (12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m) (LS - 111)  

This skills course is a once a year offering open to students. This course is normally offered to attorneys who have received disciplinary complaints involving their trust account. Come learn how well intentioned lawyers make simple mistakes which impact their career. We want you to be prepared to practice, so all students are encouraged to attend and learn the ethical rules involving trust accounting as well as practical demonstrations on how to keep, maintain, and balance an attorney trust account. Do not miss this opportunity!