Moot Court

The Moot Court Program at Loyola New Orleans is built on consistency and excellence. The comprehensive program is designed to give students the opportunity to participate effectively in intramural and intercollegiate moot court competitions as well as future law practice. Students build and perfect the art of persuasive oral advocacy and the skills of proficient brief writing.

Beginning the first year of law school, students have the opportunity to take the Loyola Moot Court Course in effective appellate advocacy. Selections for Moot Court Staff positions are made following the course in an annual competitive intramural competition. Every participant is graded individually on each appearance before a bench of judges. Eliminations and selections are determined by these scores as well as persuasive writing skills.

The Moot Court Board, composed of seven third-year law students, is responsible for the organization, administration, and selection of these members. The Board also selects the competitors and coaches of the national teams who will compete with other law schools in the region and nationwide. Each year the Moot Court Program hosts the Moot Court Annual Golf Tournament and the Moot Court Banquet in conjunction with the regional and local legal communities. Alumni, local practitioners, and judges regularly partake in these events and competition preparation.

Loyola teams have a national reputation for excellence and regularly win or place high in competitions. Loyola New Orleans will remain a top 10 program in the nation after placing as semi-finalists in the Pace National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition and the Vanderbilt First Amendment Competition in the 2012 year. Our individual team members are also consistently recognized. Last year, both Camille Bryant and Atoyia Scott were recognized as Best Preliminary Round Advocates at the Wagner National Labor & Employment Law Moot Court Competition. 

2013-2014 Executive Board

Full Biographies

Chairman: Brittany L. Beckner
Alumni Chair: Roddrick C. Harrison
Selection Chair: Mallory Fields
National Team Coach: Claire Noonan
Board Coaches: Cory Daigle, Marissa Trevino, and Christopher Whelen

Faculty Advisor:  Professor Monica Hof Wallace

2013-3014 Teams + Accomplishments


Full Biographies

  • Coach: Claire Noonan
  • Oralist: Jason Culotta
  • Oralist: Kelsey Eagan
  • Brief Writer: Charlotte Discon

ABA National Team:

  • Coach – Cory Daigle
  • Oralist – Caleb Trotter
  • Oralist/ Brief Writer – Rebecca Bartlett


  • Coach – Chris Whelen
  • Oralist – Kristyn Lee
  • Oralist/Brief Writer – Sean Brazil

Jessup International Law Team:

  • Coach – Marissa Trevino
  • Oralist – Joshua Allison
  • Oralist – Lauren Baudot
  • Oralist – Carlos Cano
  • Oralist – Shelby Johnson
  • Brief Writer – Bess DeVaughn

PACE Environmental Law Team:

  • Coach – Chris Whelen
  • Oralist – Chris Gioe
  • Oralist – Jill Rivers
  • Brief Writer – Rachel Scarafia

Duberstein Bankruptcy Team:

  • Coach – Stephen Bush
  • Oralist – Danilo Bandovic
  • Oralist – Patrick Coudrain
  • Oralist/Brief Writer – Neil Mittel

First Amendment Team:

  • Coach – Mathilde Semmes & Evan Begeron
  • Oralist – Scott Richard
  • Oralist/Brief Writer – Veronica Jones

Admiralty Team #1:

  • Coach – Lauren Guichard
  • Oralist – Chauvin Kean
  • Oralist/Brief Writer – Carlos Benach

Admiralty Team #2:

  • Coach – Sean Brazil
  • Oralist – Francis Waguespack
  • Oralist/Brief Writer – Ranchaela Ward

Sports Law Team:

  • Coach – Kristyn Lee
  • Oralist – Misha Logan
  • Oralist – Dianna Duffy
  • Brief Writer – Stephanie Giglio
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