Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding
(completed by Field Placement Supervisor)

Placement Agency:_____________________________________________________________
Field Supervisor: ______________________________________________________________    
I acknowledge the following conditions for my office’s participation in Loyola University College of Law’s Externship Program:
1. I accept responsibility for supervision of the extern while at the Field Placement office by monitoring, mentoring and assessing the student’s learning progress as set forth by the agreed upon Learning Goals Plan.
2. I will ensure the student is oriented to any applicable rules, policies, procedures, methods, and operations at the Field Placement Office.
3. I will ensure the student has a designated workspace which may include access to technology and resources necessary to complete assignments.
4. I acknowledge the student extern may only use student access to Lexis Nexis and Westlaw accounts if the research being performed is in furtherance of the learning objectives which are part of the externship program and a third party is not being charged for the work performed.
5. I acknowledge the student is to perform legal work and will not be assigned primarily clerical tasks such as filing or photocopying.
6. I agree to assign work requiring specific and timely feedback which I am responsible for assigning and with further ensure the feedback is substantive in nature according to the learning objectives set forth.
7. I agree to meet with the student extern for assessment two times and provide one final assessment: The first meeting we will agree and set forth specific learning objectives. The second meeting I will assess the student’s learning objectives and whether the assignments are providing the nature and quality of work necessary to meet such objectives. Last, I will assess and certify the student’s overall performance by completing the Final Evaluation Form.
8. I will ensure the student’s work schedule will not prevent him/her from attending the required classroom component.
9. If a problem occurs with respect to a student extern, I will immediately contact Professor Christine Cerniglia Brown at or 504-861-5560.

Field Placement Supervisor


(Please fax to 504-861-5440 or scan and email to